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Patterns: Track Premiere

Hailing from Manchester, the new band tell us more about their unique drone pop sound and preview their exclusive new track

Turning that age-old cliché of ‘Northern sound’ on its head new band Patterns has been making a major splash on the Manchester music scene by offering up a fresh new sound. The band, made up of foursome Ciaran McAuley (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Alex Hillhouse (bass/samplers), Jamie Lync (drums) and Laurence Radford (guitar/samplers), have had a impressive year doing live shows and gaining recognition for their heady mix of psychedelic shoegaze. The guys are now set to release their debut single on Melodic Records out 3 October. Expect to hear what the band describes as drone and pop, laced with rich electronic tones and emotionally charged vocals.  

Dazed Digital: For those unfamiliar with your sound, how would describe yourself?
We like to think of what we do as drone pop. Although people have variously used the tags, shoegaze, ambient electronica and post punk to describe it. The core of it is trying to fuse elements of more
experimental, inaccessible music to the framework and the language of pop.

DD: Manchester currently has a vast pool of innovative and emerging talent - What is so unique about the North West scene at the moment?
I think Manchester has finally escaped from the trappings of its own nostalgia. A few years ago it seemed people were only booking swaggering oasis clones and that wasn’t helped by the media consistently re-affirming that same narrative through front page celebrations of the Courteeners as 'the sound of Manchester'. I think finally all that interesting creative energy is bubbling over and all of a sudden we have a load of bands that sound totally different coming out and being supported by really good, innovative promoters. There’s a genuine feeling of excitement in the scene that I don't feel in London or anywhere else for that matter.

DD: Tell us about your latest single 'Induction'...
We recorded it in a really remote studio away from Manchester which was an interesting process as by removing yourself totally from your normal surroundings you end up looking at a song very differently.
Having made everything ourselves at home before it was a bit of a weird experience, but it was an important choice for us because we were quite conscious that we wanted to capture the kind of full band sound that we have live, rather than the more intimate bedroom electronica that we'd done before.

DD: Who would you say your influences are?
Obviously stuff like Animal Collective, Deerhunter and Fuck Buttons have played a big part in our sound but at the moment we're listening to a lot of stuff inspired by dub-step so Mount Kimbie, Zomby, Balam Acab, Burial, Flying Lotus. Which might seem weird because the single is so guitar based, but for me it all filters in and certainly with the music we're currently writing for the album there's much more merging of lots of different styles.

Non musically I'm really inspired by portrayals of memory and the unconscious within surrealist art so
Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali. I really like the way they put seemingly unrelated images together in order to mirror the workings of the unconscious. Its like those weird dreams you have where totally unrelated elements of your life are brought together in one scenario which feels really familiar but quite alien at the same time. The hazy nature of our production and the conscious decision to avoid linear story telling in the lyrics is meant to create a similar kind of emotional response.

DD: What do you plan on doing after the release?
We're going to be doing a lot of touring with dates in Paris and Nantes that we're really excited about. We've also collaborated with the Manchester Scenewipe guys on a really interesting video concept that will be out in the next few weeks. It explores that weird phenomenon you see at gigs where you have like a sea of people recording a spontaneous moment of music on their camera phones. We don't want to say anymore yet but that vague description will make sense when you see it. We've also got a bunch of remixes we're doing for people like May 68 and Jewellers which will be out soon.

Pre-order the new single HERE.