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Twin Turbo Launches

Tiga of high-powered record label Turbo talks to us about their new digital-only sub-imprint set to release an all-banger catalogue

In welcoming us to Turbotown Village, here the ever-enigmatic Tiga of Canada's finest label, Turbo, tells us all about his new sub-label - 'Twin Turbo' - an all-digital, all-banger imprint inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The first release comes from dynamic duo Jesper Dahlback and Tiga himself aka The Dove with “Girl at a Party With Siren”, self-described as the perfect soundtrack to being at a party with a girl, and hearing a siren.

Dazed Digital: Why the name 'Twin Turbo'?
Well, ideally we wanted something with Turbo in the name, but found the early candidates - "Turbo Too", "Turbo Also" and "Welcome to Turbotown Village" - to be lacking. The name came to me during a private screening of the DeVito/Schwarzenegger film Twins, because of its "twin" themes of the importance of family and the moral consequences of genetic engineering.

DD: What makes it different to the main label?
Tiga: We can release more music, and also release some really moronic club-banger style tracks without fear of contaminating the rest of our catalogue. Also, realising that not ALL music is created equal, and not ALL music needs to be pressed on vinyl. While we are perfectly comfortable with "eclecticism" we realise that some categorization will help the music reach the right people.

DD: What factors went into the decision of choosing something from The Dove as the first release?
That was just... well, no story really: two idiots left alone in a room with machines.

DD: Where has The Dove been over the last year?
The Dove is an alter ego I like to repeatedly admit is me, only to immediately take back that admission. I think people find the needless confusion and low-stakes intrigue endearing. Anyway, I've heard that "he" (LOL) has been hitting up singles bars trying to convince patrons that "he" is actually me, only to be repeatedly berated/physically assaulted for "violating the Sacred Mystery of the Pseudonym."

DD: Who is 'the girl' at a party with siren?
"Girl at a Party with Siren" is just one of thousands of highlights from my archives, which also include "Man at a Barbecue with Smartphone" and "Dog in a Purse with Idiot". The girl's voice is taken from a series of "party field recordings" I've collected over the years. When I'm DJing, I often feel like I'm missing out on the best part of the night: the conversations! So I slip the bartender a handful of drink tickets and my tape recorder and pore over the results on my way back to the hotel.

DD: What can we expect next from TT?
We have an exciting release from Australia by some Australians called "Australia". There's also a fun EP from Zoo Brazil, who I believe began as a Zooropa tribute act. Aside from that, if you find yourself surprised by a digital-only label putting out digital releases on a regular basis, then expect plenty of surprises!

For a limited time - until September 12th, 100% of the proceeds of the single will go to the East African Famine Relief.