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Tyson Video Premiere: 'After You’re Gone'

The London native reveals a few of his secrets.. plus the brand new video for his latest single

Tyson is back and his electrifying vocals feature rolling over a sinister and menacing beat for his latest track ‘After You’re Gone’. Yet another chapter of dark and dirty disco with an unashamedly pop heart from the singer who has been getting rave reviews from critics since his debut. Continuing his artistic collaboration with legendary Buffalo photographer Jamie Morgan for the track's video, Tyson is shown being restrained and tormented by a host of mysterious (and rather attractive!) characters with untold agendas. And with remixes from Joe Goddard, Legowelt and Solo, ‘After You’re Gone’ is a potent elixir of dark overpowering disco beats set to takeover dancefloors worldwide. 


...your secret talent?
I’m psychic  – I can meet someone and tell them their life. I have visions..

...your worst vice?

I have a weakness for sweetness

... your favourite sound?


...your worst fashion secret?

Stone wash jeans with red gold and green string vest – quality!

...your favourite website?

Tesco direct because I'm looking for some Zebra print pillows

...the best thing about where you're from?

24 hour newsagents

...are you listening to now?

Lykke Li – Sadness is a blessing
And the greatest artist of all time; Tyson

How would you describe your work?

Its like being Yoda in Star Wars

What are you most excited about next?

Making my next record.