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Nautiluss x Lord Skywave

The new collaborative duo on Untold’s Hemlock label speak to us about their kaleidoscopic range of influences ahead of their release this month

Canadian producer ‘Nautiluss’ aka Graham Douglas Bertie of Thunderheist (of underground dance hit ‘Jerk It’ on Big Dada) and UK singer/songwriter Simon Lord (Simian/Black Ghosts) under his Lord Skywave alter ego, joined forces after meeting on a high-spirited liquor-sodden North American tour. Lauded by their peers Mistajam, Giles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs, and Sinden, their hyped sound, exploring fresh sonic territory has already had national airplay. Their first collaboration ‘Ultraviolet’ is a finely tuned piece of dark, tense and spectral noise - classic, cavernous after-hours club music, backed with the instrumental ‘Bleu Monday’.


...your secret talent?

SL: I haven't done it for quite a while but I used to be shit hot at archery!?
GB: Origami

...your worst vice?

SL: Losing my mind every January/February... S.A.D to the max.
GB: Espresso

…the story behind your name?

SL: It's the name of a synthesizer my dad built in the 70s.
GB: Read ‘The Chambered Nautilus’ by Oliver Holmes

... your favourite sound?

SL: Recently the intro music to Curb your Enthusiasm makes me indescribably happy.
GB: Water

...your greatest influences?

SL: Robert Wyatt, D'Angelo, Blood sugar levels, Brian Eno.
GB: Mother nature, sun ra, arthur russell, aphex twin, boards of canada, david bowie, my bloody valentine, kraftwerk, dilla, king tubby

...your worst fashion secret?

SL: I mainly shop for clothes when extremely hungover, it bypasses purchase remorse and gives you an excuse for looking terrible.
GB: I only own one pair of pants at any one time.

...your favourite website?

SL: It's not obscure or cool but cracks me up. For obscure and cool: is a good time waster.
GB: Youtube

...the best thing about where you're from?

SL: Hmmm, it's famous for asparagus and plums but i'll always remember the vending machine selling cans of maggots at the garage.
GB: Fairmont bagels, Olympico espresso the top of your wish list?

SL: A beautiful woman to hold me at night. weep.
GB: Living in a cabin in the woods with no internet

...are you listening to now?

SL: New track by Jonti - 'Firework Spraying Moon'.
GB: French psych-rock, Anika, Zomby, Shabazz Palaces

How would you describe your work?

SL: Exploiting the process of not knowing what I'm doing.
GB: A labour of love.

Ultraviolet is due for release on 12″ and digital formats on September 26th, accompanied with a short film.

Text by Dimitra Sotirchos