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Ride or Fry London: Alexander Nut Vs Fatima

The Eglo duo go head-to-head before they play the EE x Black Atlantic party in East London for an alternative Carnival weekend with Dante Fried Chicken

This weekend, London via LA-based music/art collectives Earnest Endeavours and Black Atlantic will be throwing an alternative Carnival shindig as their second summer BBQ jam. Making his return to London for the first time in two years, famed LA chef Dante Fried Chicken will be cooking classics from his award-winning Ride or Fry food truck this Sunday 28th August. Performing, will be special secret guests plus The Blessings (LuckyMe), Flako, Darkhouse Fam and Patchwork Pirates alongside Eglo's Alexander Nut and Fatima who go head-to-head here about dinosaurs, the internet, and the future of their music.

Alexander Nut Interviews Fatima

Alexander Nut: Would you prefer to live in a world without digital devices and if so, why...?
Fatima: Even though I'm an analog lover fo’ life (vinyl & cassettes being my favourite formats) I wouldn't ditch newer technology. The Internet is a far too amazing and useful tool not to live without. The speed of communication has changed, it's definitely made the continents feel not too far away from each other and  brought people closer in many ways. On a different note, people need to embrace the outernet, 'the real world' a bit more and prevent square eyes. Also, there's a certain quality/light/colours in visuals on VHS that brings more character and life, in contrast to supersharp/clean images which I don't feel as much in general. But it really depends on the context. It's important to keep the balance between the two.

Alexander Nut: If you where in the cartoon Dino Riders, what Dinosaur would you have as your homie and why?
Fatima: I probably feel pretty safe if T-Rex had my back...

Alexander Nut: What do you think exists beyond this planet? How big is space? What do you think is out there?
Fatima: Billions of unexplored galaxies, possible parallel dimensions and realities including other civilizations! The thought that our planet would be the only inhabited one in the universe doesn't roll with me. I also find it mindmessin imagining universe being infinite but I guess if that's the case, then there must be a whole lot left hiding out there... If I had the opportunity to travel outside of the atmosphere of the earth to seek the truth, I definitely would. After I pay my rent this month I'm gonna start saving up for a spaceship.

Alexander Nut: Have you ever seen a ghost, spoken with spirits or felt you've encounter unexplained events.
Fatima: Never experienced any of the above. However, I'm not dismissing the possibility of its existence. I like to keep an open mind about things that I can't prove/haven't felt or seen - yet! 

Alexander Nut: Are you working on an album? Why do you have so little material available?
Fatima: There isn’t loads of material out there, I know. It's important for me to be in the right state and feel totally satisfied with the song before I share it with the rest of the world... I think it's got to do with me not wanting to put things out just for the sake of putting it out and I'm very self critical. I did record a few new, so far unheard, tunes in Cali and in London this summer. I'm definitely working towards an album and I've been blessed with some sick beats that I've started messing round with so hol’ tight! I'm workinonit! 


Fatima Interviews Alexander Nut
Fatima: What's your greatest fear and why?

Alexander Nut: That’s a tough one, I try not to fear anything. It's a waste of energy. But I would definitely be scared of not fulfilling my potential in life. I have a lot of interests and passions, I've still a lot to learn. I wouldn't want to waste my time on this earth. Time is precious, and I think many humans are conditioned to have a slave like mentality, or many fear living due failure or embarrassment. People need to shake off the chains. Life is about more than survival, once you've gotten past that bit, the world is your oyster... even though I don't like oysters. The world is my Sunday roast.

Fatima: What thoughts does the word revolution evoke in you and what does it mean to you?
Alexander Nut: Revolution is something the whole world needs, we need a global revolution, I honestly think human beings need to go through a new period of enlightenment.  The world is based on myth, superstition, misunderstanding and now capitalism. It's heading for a big crash, so I think revolution is needed. Unfortunately I think the human brain may be past engaging in the idea, we are very primitive beings, and most are not free thinkers. We're programmed in exactly the same way as a computer. With a simple understanding of evolution, cybernetics, the earth’s history and war we can see what sparks revolution, so basically, as things stand it would take a hideous act against the world to see a positive revolution happen. It's a pessimistic view point, I know, and I’m doing what I can to see it happen in a good/different way. But humans have evolved into pretty bad creatures.

Fatima: If you could time travel back in history for one day, where would you choose to go and what would you be doing that day?
Alexander Nut: I'd either go check out the pyramids being built or some dinosaurs… hopefully I'd make it back alive. Though the time travelling would probably kill me first. It would require a lot of training and pre-work.

Fatima: What's the world's greatest invention and why?
Alexander Nut: My mother, she gave birth to me.