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The Drums Recommends

The Brooklyn-via-Florida based-band speak to us on return with their new album, 'Portamento', a year since their debut

It’s been a year since The Drums first shook worlds with their debut, ‘Summertime!’, as a lush beach pop record in 2010. The Brooklyn-via-Florida band, now working as a four-piece, return with their second album, ‘Portamento - (named after the 17th century Italian term to denote a vocal slide between two pitches) - after globe-trotting across their native US, to Japan, Chile, Australia, Hong Kong, and Europe. Whilst their catchy melodies are still present, lead vocalist Jonny Pierce’s lyrics have taken on a deeper, more personal tone on the new record. We chat to the band about their recommendations on books, films and more.

Can you recommend...
... three new bands/artists?

Part Time
Xeno and Oaklander

Joel Alme

 ... three old bands/artists?
Scott Walker
Add N to (X)
China Crisis
 ... a record label?

... a website?

... a film?

Current - Bellflower
Old - Elephant
  ... a book?

Our Lady of the Flowers by Jean Genet
  ... something on YouTube?

Into the Goove(y) by Ciccone Youth

 ... a radio show?

I think Nick Grimshaw does a good job playing good music on his nightly show on Radio 1. It's refreshing to hear a DJ on a major station taking risks.
...a beverage of choice?

... something to do on a day off?

I ride my bike in the dark up to the George Washington Bridge. That’s a couple hundred blocks.

 ... a song everyone should hear?
The Sugarcubes - Birthday