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This new two-piece tell us all about their fascinations such as tacky drum-beats, seventies funk, foreign scooters and the first ever Haribo factory

Unlike their animal namesake, London duo Elephant tread lightly - with French-by-way-of-Pontefact chanteuse Amelia Rivas’ crystal clear vocals floating over Christian Pinchbeck’s beguiling melodies. Only formed in May ’10, they release their second 7” (after the subtly seductive debut ‘Ants’), the enchanting ‘Allured/Actors’ on August 16 on Memphis Industries.


...your secret talent?
Christian Pinchbeck: It's a secret.
Amelia Rivas: My bones are deformed so they bend quite well. This means I can do a 360 twist with my wrist.

...your dream collaboration?
Christian Pinchbeck: Duet with R. Kelly ft. 50 Cent. Imagine a soul injected chorus with Amelia swooning on the verses and Fiddy tearing it up at the end. Phwoar.
Amelia Rivas: I would want Pharrell for the beats and simply something nice to look at, Ratatat doing the keys and me doing a duet with Barry White.

...the story behind your name?
Christian Pinchbeck: Amelia has a hidden tusk, so it only seemed appropriate. Plus we just wanted to have the same name as a million other bands.
Amelia Rivas: I also have a massive trunk.

...your favourite sound?
Christian Pinchbeck: Apart from music? The noise Amelia makes when she's about to climax. Music wise; anything drenched in reverb and smothered with a bit of female swoon.
Amelia Rivas: Organs, the sea, tacky drumbeats, and the sound of scooters in the evening when you're abroad.

...your vision of the future?
Christian Pinchbeck: Having a better bandname.
Amelia Rivas: Elephant going on American roadtrip, ending up in me living in Mexico forever.

…the thing that makes you smile?
Christian Pinchbeck: Listening to a new song the day after we finished recording the demo (and sobered up)
Amelia Rivas: Waking up in another country and forgetting where you are. But mainly my cat Panda, she's a total babe.

…your earliest memory?
Christian Pinchbeck: Riding my red and yellow bike through mother's conservatory.
Amelia Rivas: My earliest memory is seeing fireworks. It scared the shit out of me

...the best thing about where you're from?
Christian Pinchbeck:
Stroud? It's beautifully tranquil....really idyllic. Taking a nice weekend break from the city is great escapism. Best thing about London is the Japanese Store.
Amelia Rivas: Pontefract had the first ever Haribo factory. This offered my town cheap sweets and licorice clouds.

...are you listening to now?
Christian Pinchbeck:
Right this second I am listening to SLEEP ∞ OVER, but I'm really digging some Disco Funk too... R Kelly's new album. Twin Sister are fab too....
Amelia Rivas: I am fascinated by 70s funk bands such as Shalamar at the minute, the dance routines are to die for. My favourite funk song at the minute has to be George Benson, 'Give Me the Night' it’s probably one of the best songs ever written and it reminds me of my parents dancing in the kitchen whilst cooking calamari.

How would you describe your work?
Christian Pinchbeck: Around 79p on iTunes.
Amelia Rivas: An accident that actually turned out pretty well. Also I think the band keeps me sane.