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Trailerpark 2011: Hess Is More

The interactive art and music festival in Copenhagen saw headliners like Peaches, Motor City Drum Ensemble and Creep

The annual art and music event Trailerpark in Copenhagen this year took over the city's skatepark, holding three giant stages hosting all genres of electronic music. Last weekend saw the likes of Peaches, Jam City, Blawan, and New York duo Creep, to local acts Kenton Slash Demon, Kasper Bjorke, Taragana Pyjarama, and Darkness Falls. The site was decked out with a 'kitchen' rave caravan where you can plug in your iPod for a DIY DJ experience (both a great and terrible idea going from anything like Gui Boratto to Deadmau5 and The Smiths). Punters formed makeshift bands with toy instruments hanging from trees amongst the tyre swings, in what felt like a giant adventure playground for grown-ups.

The main stage saw interactive digital artwork from Dark Matters, where electronic duo Kenton Slash Demon finished off in the early hours with a faultless set on the second night in. Shed played the outdoor stage by the sandy 'beach' bar, Erobique literally sang his apologies for arriving hours late due to transport issues and still managed to deliver a stunning set before Kassem Mosse. Besides the international likes of Motor City Drum Ensemble, Isolee, and Alexander Robotnick, local DJs also took over the 'Rebel Stage' with the most eclectic sets moving from Major Lazer and jaunty folk to Dutch house, Rage Against the Machine, Lil Wayne and a Katy B moment. We spoke to Hess Is More who played Friday about his favourite experiences...

...your secret talent?

Allowing coinsidence to play along. As in, I let my fingers loose on a keyboard, like unattended children on a playground. Then I play the role of a warden hiding behind a tree, and when they are having the most fun I will jump out and say "Hey, what was that you just did - do it again". "A melody is like a pretty girl - who cares if it's the dumbest in the world" - (Magnetic Fields - 69 love songs)

... your favourite sound?
Please don't tell my girlfriend cause I love to complain about this, but I have become quite fond of that really annoying sound it makes, when she wakes up before me (which is always), and then starts to fumble around with her clothes in that closet right next to my head, where there is this Chinese bamboo stuff hanging down instead of a door, so it sounds like I am waking up in a jungle somewhere warm and exotic.

...your worst fashion secret?
I have a rule to never wear sandals without socks.

...your favourite website? (My friend Kap10Kurt recommended this on his youknowwhatsocialnetwork wall - danke!)

...your worst vice?
Can't believe I had to look that word up after living three years in New York City. I must have unconsciously avoided it as subject of conversation. Denial? Let's skip worst and go straight to a broad general description of second worst: Procrastination through stupid unhealthy guilty pleasures and random addictive stimuli. the top of your wish list?
A long life with good health and lots of music. (I am really curious to see what it is like to be old).

...are you listening to now?
Mostly solo piano - Bach & Beethoven. It's great for travelling - can make the wait for your luggage seem like a beautiful little oasis. thing about summer 2011?
Playing with the live band - I can't get over how much fun it's been so far! Thanks guys.

... your favourite experience at Trailerpark Fest?
The last night Peaches did her Karaoke set including Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart". When she got to the line that goes "Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I'm only falling in apart" I melted. Everybody was hammered after a weekend of partying, and she just carried us all. I used to listen a lot to Beta Band, including a track where they would use this particular line, so this moment connected some wires for me.

How would you describe your work?
I was just talking to my dad about this today. He asked if I could imagine to have taken another line of work. I really gave it some thought, and came (again) to the conclusion that I really like what I do, and would not change it for anything. Hess Is More is an integration project. All centred around music, different kinds and mixes. With a lot of collaborations also into art, film & theatre. It keeps me stimulated. One time a friend of the family analyzed my handwriting and came back really worried and said that I was lacking intellectual challenges in my life. That kind of bothered me at the time, but I still haven't applied for university. I am just too damn excited about making music!