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Anomalous Visuals presents... AV LIVE

We talk to the founders of this progressive multi-media team as they launch their unique music and art show

Sam Fisher and Antony Price, the duo behind Anomalous Visuals, are descending their unified interests upon us by creating innovative and stylised interdisciplinary visuals. They first struck a chord with each other when they both discovered their shared discontent for the lack of connection between the multiple audio and visual disciplines. Deciding on their course of action, a combination of photography, lighting, digital manipulation, moving image and animation produces an immersive effect of unique and varied outcomes. Anomalous Visuals are preparing to host a number of live events that intend to give audiences a different, diverse and connected experience. We talk to the pair who conceived the project as they tell us more about their exciting events and the importance of collective minds.

Dazed Digital: Can you explain the initial concept behind your Anomalous Visuals events?
Anomalous Visuals:
AV LIVE is about bringing immersive and unconventional visuals to the nightlife environment, not just standard beat reactive ’rave’ loops but a mixture of contemporary motion graphics, CGI, fashion films and anomalous visuals we’ve garnered from around the world (wide web). We have both worked in clubs for many years independently as a DJ & VJ, so when we formed Anomalous Visuals we decided to combine forces and create AV LIVE. Many music events in London fail to really link the visual with the audio. We wanted to create a series of events that had a conceptual slant but focused on quality music with progressive visuals to complement.
DD: What is the connection between the audio elements and the visual aspects of the show?
Anomalous Visuals: With AV LIVE we wanted the visuals and sound to be united in their style and content as much as possible, so if the music is light or dark the visual will match and so on. Each night has a concept title with which we adapt the look and sound, for instance our next event is called Geometric // Fluidic and so we will be mixing visuals and sounds that evoke a sense of geometry and fluidity. The various hybrids of House, Techno and Dubstep influenced sounds have a unique feeling or flavour to each track, so our aim is to try and visualise these sounds into a multi-sensory dance floor experience.
DD: As a multi-disciplinary movement, why do you think it is important to collaborate?
Anomalous Visuals: The whole ethos behind Anomalous Visuals is focused on collaboration and AV was born out of our collective vision. We each have unique and differing skill sets that when combined allows for a much wider set of creative goals to be achieved. We adamantly pursue this ethos and look to work with as many different artists as possible, particularly those that offer skills we don’t already have in our network. We set up our ALT AV project in order to expand our collaborative potential and we’ve been amazed with the positive response. With over 50 alternative versions of our logo submitted from illustrators, graphic designers and artists it’s been an incredibly useful way of finding new talent to work with.
DD: How did you choose the artists involved?
Anomalous Visuals: Musically we chose a range of DJs to complement the AV LIVE’s themes, each event showcasing a younger up and coming DJ/producer alongside more established artists. AV are prolific on the London nightlife photography scene, particularly House and Techno events therefore we have a good relationship with many of the feature DJs. We shoot for them, they play for us, it’s very much an exchange thing.

In terms of the visuals we are showing, again it comes back to collaboration. Awhile back we were searching Vimeo for interesting moving image work to complement our own and discovered that there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of amazing artists posting CGI tests, fashion films and experimental visuals available under the Creative Commons license, as is all the content on our site. We wanted to somehow collate all these visuals, so we set up the AV LIVE // Search for visuals group and asked artists to submit. AV was set up as a conduit for collaboration and networking so we feel that its the perfect vehicle to showcase the multi-disciplinary nature of what we do; it really is an audio visual combination.

DD: What do you hope the audience will remember from the nights?
Anomalous Visuals: Well, really it’s about having fun, enjoying something a little different and leaving the audience with a memory of an immersive experience, not just a standard party. We aim to have a diverse crowd who not only enjoy cutting-edge music, but also a strong visual aesthetic to match. We come from a fashion, art and music background so our inspirations are pretty varied... So I guess ultimately it’s about us inspiring others through our audio visual identity, invoking ideas and debate while pushing our creativity forward and exploring what Anomalous Visuals is all about.

AV LIVE - Geometric // Fluidic, The CAMP, Friday 19th August, 9-3 / Free entry; Featuring: Tomoki Tamura (Holic), Slick (Huntleys+Palmers), AV Live (Anomalous Visuals), Daiki Ichikawa (VJ // Programmer)

Artwork by Filthy Panda