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Exclusive Hannah Holland Mix

The energetic producer and founder of Bastard Batty Bass makes us a mix ahead of her hitting Stop Making Sense festival

Set to hit Stop Making Sense Festival in sunny Croatia this August, Hannah Holland of label Bastard Batty Bass has whipped up a mix fusing summery deep house gems from Lee Foss on LA-based label Culprit to more full-on tribal and sounds. Known for their eclectic breeds of dance music, her label has seen the likes of Andy Blake, Warboy, Mama and Jay Haze involved in releases. We speak to the London-based DJ and producer about her top festival tips and what to expect from her.

Dazed Digital: How's the label going at the moment?
Hannah Holland:
The label is going great thanks, new material coming from the talented likes of Bubba, Mama, Spektrum and myself soon!

DD: Who are you listening to right now?
Hannah Holland: The BBC News ... There's a riot going on down the road from me, helicopters are over my flat.

DD: Top 3 festival tips?
Hannah Holland: Pace yourself! Remember suntan cream! Don't believe the wizards..

DD: What has been your best festival experience so far?
Hannah Holland: Playing at Glastonbury's 40th anniversary. 

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Hannah Holland: Writing my own album!