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Dazed August 2011 Playlist

New music from the Dazed & Confused office stereo, including Actress, Lil B, Death Grips, Clams Casino, Iceage, Thundercat and many more

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What a horrible week. On Tuesday morning I woke up in my beloved Hackney to find five cars outside with their windscreens smashed in, and the charred remains of four more around the corner. Shop windows lay in glassy splinters and petrified local people stood around wondering why the hell their neighbourhood had decided to declare war on itself. It's a sad scene that many of us have had the misfortune of experiencing throughout London and up and down England in the last few days. Youths protesting for a meaningful cause, such as voicing their dissatisfaction at the rise in University tuition fees, is something that Dazed & Confused has always believed in and supported throughout our 20 year history. But stealing products, burning property and wrecking the lives of honest hardworking people is unforgivable. This playlist is dedicated to all those who have suffered at the hands of these mindless pricks but refuse to give in to the fear. Keep your heads up everyone. Let's end things on a high note with some amazing new tracks by The Throne, Lil B, Clams Casino, Iceage, Dum Dum Girls and loads more. Sadly Epic Sax Guy didn't make the cut, but if you've got a spare 10 hours check him out. Enjoy.

Artwork by Adrian Morris