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Field Day Pick: Jamie Woon

Ahead of his set at the Hackney festival, the London-based musician talks to us about his funky new direction and China trip

Having worked with producers Burial and Subeena, remixed by the likes of Debruit and Hudson Mohawke, the multi-talented singer-songwriter known as Jamie Woon is set to venture towards pastures funky, with a new direction in his vocal-focal tracks. Woon, who made his name on obviously pop-influenced electronic music speaks to us about his tour antics and upcoming plans before he plays this year's Field Day Festival.

Dazed Digital: What has influenced your music recently?
Jamie Woon: I've been influenced by being on tour mostly, with gigs I've been doing, moving around loads and not being at home. I guess there's more funk, and I'm getting into the idea of making more aggressive music... Having more of a groove.

DD: What have you been listening to in your own time?
Jamie Woon: The Big Boi album from one half of Outkast. I got it in April and have been caning it, it's really good tour music!

DD: Any collaborators on the line?

Jamie Woon: [Would love to work with some] Drum'n'Bass producers - I'm also going on tour in China for six weeks so will be doing a collaborative project there, working with Chinese musicians out there which will be awesome 'cause I always wanted to go over there.

DD: Despite all the terrible made-up genres, if you had to, how would you describe your music?
Jamie Woon: 'Post-genre'? Haha! R'n'B, groove, melancholy, vocals, using any sound in that remit... pop music. I'm working on a new EP at the moment too which is going more funky, less 'songy' - it's still me singing on it but will also have some guests.

DD: Fave R'n'B artists?

Jamie Woon: Stevie Wonder, Lewis Taylor, D'Angelo, Prince, and recently R Kelly! - He's someone who I think could be absolutely mad or a genius.

DD: Having such a musical background, what else could you be doing if it wasn't music?

Jamie Woon: Good question, I've been working on it since 16 years old so I've not really thought about it... but maybe a writer or journalist, or just being able to travel around, so maybe like trucker haha!

DD: Looking forward to Field Day? Have you played there before?

Jamie Woon: Not ever been before actually so really looking forward to it.

DD: Best tour experience so far?

Jamie Woon: Just smoking loads of weed on the bus really! Never really get to do that so that's fun, and Glasto was a real moment. I played the West Holt stage which was always my favourite stage - it was really special, somewhere I had to pinch myself really.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Jamie Woon: Moving to my new studio - it's gonna get pretty geeky - getting all my gear together, I have a week off to set it all up in a semi-circle so I don't even have to move!