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Dirty Beaches

The Taiwanese, Canadian-based musician applies his nomadic influences from rock'n'roll vibes and lingering melodies to his own unique music

Alex Zhang Hungtai is a Taiwan-born Canadian immigrant, he makes eerily detached nomad music under the moniker of Dirty Beaches. His songs are filled with nascent rock'n'roll vibes that hang in the air, his evocative croon lingers long over putrid melodic affairs like the timeless True Blue and lilting heartbreaker, Lord Knows Best. Dazed Digital caught up with the mysterious musician as he touches down in Europe for some live dates.

... Your vision of the future?
Everyone speaks 3 to 4 languages and is highly aware and knowledgable of other cultures. Languages getting blurred together, featuring slang and words from different geographical locations. The elimination of borders. The end of pure race and the beginning of common mixed ancestry. Everyone looks moderately brown in the future.

... Who is your hero?
My new heroes are: DEATH GRIPS.

... Your dream collaboration?
Jim Jarmusch.

... Your worst vice?

... Did you dream about last night?
Walking on to an escalator that never ends.

... The best advice you've ever had?
"If your a writer, you write everyday. Whether it's shit or not, that's irrelevant. You do what you do. Never talk about writing. Write it." - Jonathan Deselle (college friend)

... Are you listening to?

... Is good for breakfast?
Hot soy milk, chinese donut w/soft boiled egg and green onions.

DD: What's the best thing about where you're from?
The food and the language.

Badlands is out now on Zoo Music.