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Dave i.d Responds

The elusive artist/producer explains his no fear attitude towards making music as he talks to us about the release of his first full album, 'Response'

Emerging back in 2009, the reclusive Dave i.d has been making dark and brooding records from the depths of his South London home studio for just over three years. After a couple of well-received E.Ps, 'Response' is the first full album from the producer and platforms his eclectic and honed moody style. Rarely giving interviews, Dave Hedges, the man behind the ‘metallic sturm and clang’ sound - as described by The Quietus – shies away from the limelight, preferring to let his music do the talking. Managing to pin him down, Dazed chatted to him about where it all began.

Dazed Digital: Have you always been music obsessed?
Dave i.d: I guess I've always been into music to a degree, there's too much I’m not into though! I'm definitely obsessed with making my own music; I’m probably more obsessed with sound and production now.

DD: What was the first band that was a big influence on you?
Dave i.d:
The 2nd and 3rd Liars albums excited me, they had no fear and I really like music with that attitude. It influenced me in the sense that I felt that I didn't have to make music that everybody would like.

DD: When did you first start making music?
Dave i.d:
I made music when I was quite young but I was just playing about. I didn't have music lessons, but I had instruments in my house so I used to make up stuff and have little ideas.

DD: Who or what influenced you to start?
Dave i.d:
Me, it was just something I wanted to do. I knew I'd never get bored of making music, there's a lot I want to explore. I'll always make music, I work alone and I like it like that. 

DD: How has your sound evolved since you started?
Dave i.d: I think I've become a better producer since I first started. My sound is not as lo-fi as it was when I first started. I've also expanded on using different instruments, I've never really been instrument prejudice but it took me time to involve different instruments.

DD: This album has quite a dark sound. Where does that stem from?
Dave i.d: I don't really know, it happens naturally. I don't necessarily try to do it, but I know that it comes across as dark. I feel that the music is pretty honest and true, as opposed to just mythical and paranoid! When I first started making music everyone that heard it described it as dark, so I started calling it 'Dark Relief'. It is what it is!

DD: How did you feel the album represents where you are at the moment musically?
Dave i.d:
This album represents me both musically and as a person at the moment, well. I did everything on this album on my own, so it has to. Musically it shows I am not afraid and that I have a range of ideas I want to get out.

DD: Was there an influence or inspiration that ran through it?
Dave i.d:
Yes, the second half of the album is a story about finding something to believe in rather than losing faith. It’s about giving your life to one power or god and saying it's 'HIS' then through different events, becoming aware that you are wrong and that everything is yours.

DD: There are post punk, industrial and drone influences in the sound of the album. Were they direct references?
Dave i.d:
It would be hard to say that there are direct references. I like music from those genres for sure, Coil, Shoji Yamashiro, Kenji Kawai, Bela Bartok, Einstürzende Neubauten, but it is theirs and I don't want to take it and say it's mine. I want my music to be my own expression with my own experience.

'Response' is out now. Watch Dave i.d play Dazed TV: The Party HERE