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Blanck Mass Recommends

Benjamin John Power (aka Blanck Mass) talks to us lending a few of his healthy suggestions

When finding the time in-between taking up the role as the other significant half of London duo FUCK BUTTONS, Benjamin John Power chooses the alias of Blanck Mass to outlet his ambient manifestations into pure glacial anthems. Those who are familiar with the former could probably tell that Power fears not to enter the hypnotic fields of sound he so delicately strives to formulate. The self-titled debut album, which was released last month, has a sense of dark ubiquity resonating throughout the entirety of the record, successfully providing the same layered impulses that make his sound so infectious. With the ball in Blanck Mass’ court, some would believe a tour of the record is in order. However with no plans to do so as of yet, a sweet compromise is made with a list of his own personal recommendations.

Can you recommend…

...three new acts?
HTRK, Standish & Carlyon, Total Life

...a record label?
Raster Noton

...a website?

...a film?
2001: A Space Odyssey

...a book?
Non-Fiction: Your Inner Fish - Neil Shubin
Fiction: Sum - David Eagleman 

...something on YouTube?
'Powers of Ten'

...a game

...a shop / place to eat?
Flashback Records in Crouch End / 'Saf' on Curtain rd, london

...something to do on a day off?
Take a trip to the natural history museum

...a song everyone should hear?
Chris Watson - Ol-Lool-o