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Untold + Samuel Chase = Dreadnought

Electronic label Hemlock's head honcho joins forces with the solo vocalist for a new direction in sound

There’s a lot of chat about the two members who make up Dreadnought (Untold, who forms part of the very exciting Hessle Audio crowd along with the likes of Pearson Sound and Ben UFO, and vocalist Samuel Chase of Samuel and the Dragon) and putting them together has only stocked those feeding the hype, and resulted in some pretty trippy shit. Chase’s vocals sound like a cross between Thom Yorke and Matt Bellamy which almost transgresses into ritual chanting.

The production meanwhile is deep, dark and mysterious with a constant warbling bass which throbs throughout all four tracks on the EP - though trying to categorise it would be as convoluted and tricky as learning what girls really mean when they say: “No nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.” Check out what they had to say when they spoke to us below and the Caroline EP here out now.

Dazed Digital: How did you guys meet and end up making music together?
Samuel Chase:
We sat so fucking still that I could see my titties tremble. The record shows all of the original recordings. No words were prepared and the vocals are first takes. The music came out with such a knowing force that I don't recall a process of planning or manipulation. The work was in the wait. The actual coming together and making of the record was brief.
Untold: From the very first exchange of ideas I knew the melodies, dirt and narrative could evolve, that we could push each other into unknown territory.

DD: What's the story behind the name?
Samuel Chase:
We can offer little explanation for a lot of what we have, here. Feels like a fucking purging of the spirits, doll. Little thought or focus was conscious.
Untold: Dreadnought feels indelible.

DD: How does the sound of the project differ to your solo work?
Samuel Chase:
Dreadnought is a space for us to create and divulge, without limitation. There is a fairly raging underbelly and that fire let's us spend the time as we so choose. Room for exploration, allowing for error and growth. A sexy thigh boot is always welcome and a slow sway of the cock, acceptable. Women with four teeth and three titties. Men with two vaginas and half a beak. All welcome here.
Untold: For me, the process of writing for Dreadnought has no rules or constraints; there are many tempos, dynamics, distortions and mistakes. It’s a friendly fuck you to any form of functional club-friendly digital gruel.

DD: What tracks are you listening to this summer?
Untold: Paul Simon - "So Beautiful or So What", and anything by Blawan and Nautiluss

Text by Will Gilgrass

Keep an eye on Dreadnought's Facebook page for show updates etc.