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We The Committee

Dazed chat to the up & coming band with a cinematic sound and discuss their musical experiences so far and their new EP out this Autumn

New band on the block, We The Committee, are for the moment little known but not for long. The trio: Pat, Kirsty and John, are currently tucked away in North London putting together their latest EP after a positive response to their self-titled debut that dropped December last year. With a number of recent gigs under their belt, a regular slot at Yellow at The Old Blue Last, and an Error Operator remix of their track 'Christine part II', we hunted them down to find out a little bit more, plus you can check out the band's latest video below.

...Your sound summed up in one sentence?
We're all very into film so find ourselves making a lot of quite cinematic music.

...The best gig you’ve played so far? And the worst?
We've actually only played a few shows to date but our friend runs a night called Yellow at The Old Blue Last which we've played a couple of times and it's always a pleasure. It's an intimate night and the crowd is always there for the music so its always got a great atmosphere. The worst was probably the first one we did. Not for any one particular reason but it had been a while since any of us had been on stage and the music we're making at the moment is very spacious and in some ways quite bare. It was kind of daunting as we've always been used to having live drums and loud guitars to hide behind. We're getting used to it now.

...Your favourite song to perform and why?
I'd have to say probably This Life. For me the song is all about the space in between the melodies up until the end where everything just blows up and goes a bit manic.

...Your song of the summer?
Mirrors - Talking Pictures.

...Your favourite website?
dearphotograph - it's incredibly beautiful.

...Top of your wish list?
Canon 5D Camera, 2.55 Chanel Bag, a bigger and better home studio.

...And your shitlist?
Not Going Out (Lee Mack Sitcom). We all passionately hate it!

You’re working on a new EP, does it have a title yet and when does it drop?
It's out the other side of summer. We're not set on a title just yet, we're all pretty indecisive but I'm sure we'll agree on something soon!

Photos by Kevin Morosky

Untitled from loadsetrace on Vimeo.

Free download of We The Committee EP here