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Runners Exclusive Mix

The Leeds-based DIY band talk to us about their first release and pick out a selection of their favourite tracks from Sigha, Clams Casino, to Frank Ocean

In response to the re-emerging DIY ethics of lo-fi we’ve seen sprouting up from all corners of the States such as South Carolina, New York, and Seattle; here in the UK we’re too experiencing a revival of bands taking matters into their own hands. RUNNERS are a Leeds-based group from the Northwest noise scene that has been steadily growing over the past year. Having established themselves as Nation of Shopkeepers regulars, the quartet supported the in-demand Toro y Moi on his recent tour earlier this year, and are tolling up a number of festival appearances across the land. Their debut E.P. comes just in time then as the air of serenity surrounding the bands previously unknown status begins to disappear. The 12" of Starting Line accompanied with B-side Pulsar Quasar is released on Dummy promising to land 18 July. We present an exclusive new mix they made for us revealing their influences and current faves…

How would you describe your work in a short sentence?
The sound of four punk rock kids getting to grips with technology they don't really understand.

...your secret talent?

Opening beers without a bottle opener, same as any other well versed touring band.

...your worst vice?

Hmmmm... procrastination. Maybe. We'll never be completely satisfied, there's always something that we could have improved with the benefit of hindsight. Sometimes you just gotta grab something and get it done.

... the story behind your name?

It's a reference to drug running and the hierarchy that exists within that network. We ain't nothing special. We're just a go between, a middle man.

... your favourite sound?

The Lyre bird. Although, recently I saw and heard a Northern Lapwing in mating season which was pretty crazy sounding - reminded me of one of those keyrings I had as a kid, with the 4 buttons that triggered lasers and bomb sounds.

...your worst fashion secret?

The worst is no secret. Photographs have been published.

...your favourite website? - Play classic virtual LCD handhelds online. I recommend the 'The Merry Cook'.

...the best thing about where you're from?

House parties, local characters, feeding from different circles of creative people.

...are you listening to now?

First thing I listened to today was lying in bed, starting off the day with a green and black. I put the 12" of Sexy MF by Prince And The New Power Generation on at the wrong speed, but it sounded good so I didn't speed it up. I'm listening again to check I wasn't freaking out, and it turns out that this slow version is the purest of gold sleaze vibes. If Prince wouldn't sue my skint ass, I'd sell this shit to Tri Angle! the top of your shit list?

The International Monetary Fund... structural adjustment... fiscal masochism... the fact that it controls the finances of the entire world yet has never been headed by someone from outside of Europe... Seriously, fuck them. the top of your wish list?

A holiday in the sun.

We've just moved into Tranquility Base, our new studio. We need to get it set up and start recording an album.

ITAL - Culture Clubs (Lovers Rock, 2011)
SIGHA - Politics Of Dying (Our Circular Sound, 2011)
FRANK OCEAN - Songs 4 Women (Self Released, 2011)
CLAMS CASINO - Gorilla (Tri Angle, 2011)
DEVO - Mecha-Mania Boy (Infinite Zero Archive/American Recordings, 1997)
HOOKWORMS - Medicine Cabinet (Self Released, 2010)