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Dazed July 2011 Playlist

New music playlist from the 200th issue of Dazed, including Björk, Inc, Zola Jesus, Hudson Mohawke, Azari & III and many more

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For the latest issue of Dazed we handed over the controls to Björk in celebration of her new album/app suite/vision of the future, Biophilia. It’s a wild project that encompasses art made out of DNA, Stefano Pilati crystal jumpsuits, magnetic liquid sculptures, MIDI powered organs, ginger wigs, and a beautifully insane machine called the Sharpsichord. There’s even a dude who stands between two huge Tesla coils and makes music by hurling around lightning bolts. God complex are two words that come to mind for this guy, but we prefer FUCKING AWESOME! We actually tried doing it ourselves by attaching car jump leads to our arms and plugging them into the office electricity supply. It failed. We couldn’t walk for a week. Please don’t try this at home – you’ll probably die. When we weren’t doing stupid inbred shit like that, we were listening to huge tracks by Koudlam, Inc, Com Truise, Hudson Mohawke, Zola Jesus and some of their funky friends. However be warned: there’s no rock n’ roll on this month's playlist. Sorry about that. It's all about futuristic beats. And Jean-Michel Jarre. We hope you enjoy it all the same. And if you’re the first person to guess correctly how many times Björk's name is mentioned in the issue, we’ll treat you to an Iceland party prawn ring. Good luck!


Artwork by Sarah McGreevy