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Weirdcore x Retro/Grade: Mindfighter Video

Disco duo Serge Santiago and Tom Neville team up with Weirdcore for an epic audio-visual treat featuring weird creepy men and awesome retro gradient sky backgrounds

Made up of Serge Santiago (formerly of Radioslave) and Tom Neville (Love Minus Zero/ColouringIN), the production duo Retro/Grade first made waves with their epic releases 'Zoid' and 'Moda' back in 2009. This summer, abstract art videographers Weirdcore have created the digitally-insane music video for the pair's new single 'Mindfighter', featuring creepy silver men flying around in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic virtual world; Perfectly matched for the futuristic sounds of their comeback track, the video blends high-NRG visuals with the full-on pop vocals and synthy electronic beats as a trending theme in their disco-influenced productions. We chat to the duo about epic sounds and remixes to come...

Dazed Digital: Who are the silver men in your visuals?
These guys are R3TR0 & GR4D3. You'll start to get their story as time goes on. They've not always been friends and have a bit of a history...we'll tell the whole story one day...

DD: What did you think about the video?
Retro/Grade: We're very proud of it. It's taken a bit of time to get the look and feel right but we've totally nailed it now thanks to Nicky Weirdcore. It has epic written all over it.

DD: What are you working on now?
Retro/Grade: Remixes at the moment as the album is done, delivered and waiting for our label to release it to the world. We really can't wait for everyone to hear it... I just hope it doesn't scare you. It seems everyone is into dubstep at the moment and this maybe a little too 'interesting' for them.

DD: Are you still working on your solo projects?
Retro/Grade: Not very often but it's really important to never lose who you are individually. So if the moment is right we do what needs to be done.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Retro/Grade: The shows around the world, getting to know our fans, we're just back from the Hove festival in Norway and got to hang with everyone that's supported us over there, feels good...Also starting work on the next album, this one has taken so long as its our first that now we've got a taste and want more...

Mindfighter is out July 17th