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Clubfeet x Alex Goddard

The Australian superteam of band versus video producer create a special video series for their new lo-fi indie pop songs

Videographer Alex Goddard and Aussie band Clubfeet have embarked on a new video project, entitled Gold on Gold. As a collaboration between the two, they've hired the prettiest young things they could find to faff about on camera, artfully edited for a lush lo-fi feel. Melbourne-based Clubfeet's blend of daydream pop and indie summer vibes emanating from the new single sees remixes by French Horn Rebellion, Gomma's Munk, Plant Music's Danny Daze and Urchins.

...your secret talent?

Yves was ranked #6 in South Africa for table tennis as a 14 year old – his town made his entire team matching tracksuits and they travelled to Cape Town to compete in the national championships. He lost in a semi-final and his parents have yellowing clippings from the newspaper on their fridge that compliment his 'finesse', 'ease on the court', and 'unique fashion sensibility'.  

...your worst vice?

Splitting infinitives. We should know better.

…the story behind your name?

It was actually inherited from Sebastian's rap project for inner city kids which he called "Club Pheats" - it got cancelled after he tried to rhyme "Jaguar" with "Motor Car".  

... your favourite sound?

The roar of a Volvo IPS 1050 underneath your feet when you're pulling out of the harbor at Antibes… Slightly muffled by the Yazz wafting across the fly bridge, and the siberian guard's cap pulled down over your ears.  

...your worst fashion secret?

An indefatigable love for Andrea Zuckerman, editor of the West Beverly Blaze. And LeBruce was sporting a "Rachel" haircut for a while.

...your favourite website?

Monty once met the editor of at a party in Malibu and got into a fight with him about whether Dean Cain wore 'stair lift' heels to make himself seem taller… Monty said he thinks they were both drunk but Dean Cain does wears really oversized soled shoes. There is no question you can't have answered at, unless it's not about the height of celebrities.

... good for breakfast?

We refer to it as a 'Late Supper'. Yves is the band chef – the best is on Sundays when he does slow cooked lamb.

...the best thing about where you're from?

Yves used to live in a house on the cliffs in Cape Town with a funicular that we broke one new years when we had a party there – we worked out that about 600 people had ridden the four person funicular in one night. Those things are hard to get fixed on 1st January and we were stuck at the top of the cliffs. Not many cities where that can happen. the top of your shit list?

Bob Dylan… stop touring! Seeing him broke our hearts, we all used to idolise him.

...are you listening to now?

Arthur Russell, Bibio, Mavis Staples and Destroyer. Oh, and if you want full disclosure Monty spent all of last Sunday watching Jam and Spoon videos.   

How would you describe your work?

We are haphazard, tense people, geographically and emotionally distant, and best friends. We try to spend at least every summer together without interruption -  whichever hemisphere we have to be in to make that happen – rent an apartment and lock up with instruments, mics and cocktails for as long as the world will let us.

Clubfeet - Edge of Extremes from Clubfeet on Vimeo.