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Memory Tapes Recommends

We track down the softly spoken family man - who looks set to whip up a media frenzy when he releases his follow up album 'Player Piano' next month - to find out his top picks of the moment

Shrouded in mystery, New Jersey-based Dayve Hawkes is the creative mastermind behind stellar act Memory Tapes. After releasing music under the names Memory Cassette and Weird Tapes for free, Hawkes has received much praise and attention from some of the hottest and coolest blogs in the US and notched up several remixes for the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Britney Spears and even the late pop king Michael Jackson.  Memory Tapes ( a hybrid of his former names) has put together his second LP, Player Piano, which with any luck will follow the success of track Bicycle that went viral in just 24 hours and his debut album, Seek Magic. One thing is for sure, Hawkes is very clearly on the musical map and it looks like he's here to stay.

Can you recommend...

... three new artists?
Pure X, Sleepover and Awsome

... three old artists? 
Terry Riley, Glenn Branca and Shirley Collins

… a record label (not your own)?


... a website?

... a film?

'For All mankind'

... a book?

Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich

… an artist?

Kazuki Takamatsu

… an underused instrument?

Elizabeth Fraser

... something on Youtube?

... something to do on a day off?


... an alcoholic beverage?

All of them!

... a song everyone should hear?
'I Never Dreamed' by The Cookies