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Henry Saiz Exclusive Mix

The Madrid based DJ/producer tells us more about the new Balance compilation he created for the iconic mix series

Henry Saiz's is a very busy man these days, what with being a successful DJ and producer, directing his own label Natura Sonoris and on top of all that editing Paradigma Musik. The Spanish DJ/producer has been creating his own blend of emotive electronica for sometime now and developed a sound both original and distinctive. His ability to stay open minded and experiment to keep his music fresh has put him at the fore of European electronic talent.

Saiz's growing reputation has been boosted further with him being asked to produce Balance Music’s 019 compilation. Following in the footsteps of superstar DJs such as Timo Maas, Joris Voorn, Will Saul and Agoria which after six months of hard grind (and a little blood, sweat and tears) Saiz states he is pleased with the finished product.  We sat down with Saiz to find out more about the process and what he is currently listening to.

Dazed Digital: Was it a daunting experience to make the Balance compilation? Was it a difficult process?
Henry Saiz: Yeah definitely a big responsibility, it’s such a legendary mix series, it was pretty complex because it is something between an album and a normal DJ set, but I tried to enjoy the process.

DD: How do you feel about the results?
Henry Saiz: It wasn’t easy, but after six months working on this I could say I’m quite happy with the results.

DD: As you've played all over the world so much, what is your most memorable gig and why?
Henry Saiz: Mmm, there are too many! Festivals wise closing the main stage at Sonar 2009 was very special for me.  Another one very special for me was playing in New Caledonia (south pacific) for around 35 lovely fans (they are probably the only techno fans on that island) in a small beach bar. Last one in State Club in Buenos Aires was amazing too, I don’t know, there are too many good moments to choose one.

DD: Any favourite producers you are currently listening to now?

Henry Saiz: Some of my favourites lately are Pional, Simon Garcia, Spada, John Talabot, Petar Dundov and many many others...

DD: If you weren't a DJ/Producer what could you imagine yourself doing?
Henry Saiz: Hard to imagine myself doing something different, I would probably still working doing music for TV shows, advertising and film. But not related to music I would like to become biologist or psychiatrist.

Track list:

Tricky - Time To Dance - Maya Jane Coles Remix
Blood Orange - The Complete Knock - Bottin Remix
Hal Incandenza - Little Mountains - Shelby grey Remix
Matthew Dear - Slowdance - Todd Edwards Remix
Phil Kieran - I can´t stop
Kolombo - Waiting For - Michael Mayer Mix