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The Good Natured x Daniel Sannwald

The acclaimed fashion photographer shoots the moody electro pop trio as they release their new Skeleton EP on Regal/Parlophone

Gracing the likes of Regal/Parlophone Records and iconic French label Kitsune, The Good Natured have since tripled in members since we last spoke to their frontwoman Sarah McIntosh in Paris in 2009. Perfecting her dark electro-influenced pop sensibilities, McIntosh has since been joined by her brother Hamish McIntosh on bass and George on drums where their new EP (produced by Patrik Berger who works with Robyn), entitled 'Skeleton' was released yesterday with the enchanting b-side 'Wolves'. Dazed Digital present some exclusive new shots by iconic fashion photographer Daniel Sannwald.

Dazed Digital: So it's all really taken off since DD last spoke to you over a year ago... Fundamentally do you think your music has changed/progressed in this time?
Good Natured: I wouldn't say it had 'changed' as such, but a lot has happened, so I think it's fair to say our music has progressed. Over the past year I have worked with a lot of different producers, and I have found out which sounds I do and don't like. In the past year we have definitely defined our sound.

DD: What's the new EP 'Skeleton' all about?
Good Natured:
The 'Skeleton' EP has 3 new tracks on it, 'Skeleton', 'Wolves' and 'The Hourglass'. The lead track Skeleton is about vulnerability in relationships. When somebody knows you so well you can feel stripped down to the bone, naked, in both an emotional and physical sense.

DD: What was it like supporting Ke$ha on her London tour dates? Was that expected and what was the response like?
Good Natured: Supporting Kesha was a great experience. We didn't know what to expect but we were all really excited! Thankfully, we had a wonderful response. The audience really got into it and everyone was up for a good time. Most people had glitter on their faces and very extravagant outfits! It was a lot of fun.

DD: What's the best and worst gigs you've played so far?
Good Natured:
The best gigs would have to our Club NME show at Koko, because for the first time I saw someone singing back the words! We also had so much fun supporting the Wombats on a couple of dates of their European tour. We played a great club show in Berlin too at Privatclub, it was a wicked venue, kind of like an underground basement with old lamps and wallpaper. The worst gigs- again there's been a couple. We played to 3 people in Cardiff once! We also went to Brighton and played- no one turned up, then the sound man bottled the promoter. It was actually pretty scary!

DD: Do you prefer to play live or be in the studio?
Good Natured: I don't think you can compare the two- they are very different and I love them both in different ways. I wouldn't say I prefer one or the other. I think it depends what mood I am in. If I feel emotional then I prefer to be writing on my own, but sometimes I just really want to get on stage.

DD: What's your favourite song to play live and why?
Good Natured:
I'd say Be My Animal, its the most energetic and I think it's the one that most people dance to!

Skeleton EP is released on 4th July