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Boy Friend

The Texan musical two-piece present the fruits of recording their EP in their bedroom last winter

Boy-girl duo and bessie mates Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown make up Boy Friend, recording their debut EP in Palazzolo’s bedroom last winter in their hometown Austin, Texas. Taking inspiration from Disney movies, their creative relationship spans years as both have worked on other musical projects together, including a stint as two-thirds of the band Sleep Over. The new record features emotionally charged and richly layered tracks with a healthy dose of clever vocal harmonies. Dazed speak to the pair about how they were almost called 'Leathermoon Bongospirit' and their hatred of flip-flops. Check out their new video Lovedropper here.

...special about you?
We've been friends for years (and still like each other). Collaborating is super easy, and chilling is even easier. Christa is also a visual artist and has done a lot of the band artwork, and Sarah is a Tetris master.

...your worst vice?
One day Sarah will stop smoking, one day Christa will stop nagging (yah right).

…the story behind your name?
It was either "Leathermoon Bongospirit" via funny internet name generator or friend collaboration, which is our preference always.

... your favourite sound?
Waves, fire, rain, whales, Ray Lynch, etc.

...your worst fashion secret?
We've got quite a few fashion dont's in our history, but we'd probably say Jnco's and candy necklaces were the worst (whatever, it was the 90s)

...your favourite website?, / - Mostly just love finding weird insane personal websites and random internet secrets.

... good for breakfast?
Christa: Eggs, bacon, cream cheese, salmon, everything bagel
Sarah: Biscuits & gravy with jelly and bacon. Or just bacon on everything. the top of your shit list?
Sarah: Not into flip flops, celery or Lady Gaga
Christa: Not a fan of Sarah Palin, homophobes or people that are awful to animals

...are you listening to now?
Christa: currently stuck in a psychedelic era, listening to some Ultimate Spinach, The Time & Space Machine mixes & been totally stuck on Ray Lynch for awhile now.
Sarah: Speculator, Mariah Carey, a little country & reggae here and there. All over the place

How would you describe your work?
Minimalist music with lush, emphasizing stacked vocal harmony, guitar ambiance, and thick, atmospheric rhythmic backdrops. Like riding a stuffed pizza crust into outer space.

BOY FRIEND // "LOVE DROPPER" from amanda joy on Vimeo.