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Rave-referencing electronic producer Lone is still riding high after a first EP for R&S back in April

Having surface on a juicy wave of rave refraction last year courtesy of his ubiquitous hit ‘Pineapple Crush,’ Lone - born Matt Cutler - then further secured his place atop 2010’s most exciting pile with Emerald Fantasy Tracks. It was a mini album on his own imprint Magic Wire which was littered with incidental and unintentional old school signifiers, plenty of discordant Roland workouts and a ping pong energy that lit up dancefloors across the planet. More recently there has been the Echolations EP for R&S: displaying a more mature sound, it gazes back through old school Chicago and Detroit, as well as going deeper than before, and marks a full departure from the hip-hop sounds which he served up on Actress’ Werk Discs back in 2009. Now playing all the clubs and festivals you’d expect, Lone’s musical mission is one that seems set to continue well into the future.

... your favourite noise/sound?
The sound of water flowing, or waves crashing. Birds singing is always nice… I love the sound of laughter too... any of these is cool.

... good for dinner? (as in tea, evening meal!)
I do love a good sea food risotto... that’s probably my favourite thing at the moment.

... the thing that never fails to make you smile?
Talking utter shit with my mates makes me smile instantly.

… your first memory?
Climbing the stairs for the first time in my old house... i was probably about 3 years old or something.

… the last thing you bought?
The new James Pants album.

… your worst vice?
Smoking… I've tried to quit a bunch of times but just can’t seem to knock it on the head. I will keep trying though.

… the thing you would like people to take most from your music?
The melodies i guess. That’s the most important element to my music so if people can recognize that the melodies are decent, then I’ve done my job.

… the thing that makes you most angry/upset/riled?
Probably queuing up at airports... in fact the whole airport experience leaves me quite angry/upset/riled to be honest.

… the story behind your name?
I came up with it so long ago now it's hard to remember completely... I think the main idea is that the project is a very personal thing to me which no one else is allowed in on... totally solitary… 'lone'.

… the main goal when writing music?
To give myself 'the shivers' down my spine.

… coming up for you?
A new album I’ve almost finished about dolphins.

Lone plays Eastern Electrics this May Bank Holiday alongside DJ Koze, James Holden, The Bug, Martyn, Actress, Braiden and many more: Sunday 29th May, 10pm-7am; Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, London, UK.