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New Look Video Premiere

We present the lush Canadian pop duo, Sarah Ruba and Adam Pavao's new single ‘The Ballad' and its Will Davidson-directed video

Canadian pop duo New Look first made waves with their self-released EP ‘How’s My Hair?’ and reworking their friend Jimmy Edgar’s ‘‘Function of Your Love’ back in 2008. Since then, the couple who form the outfit - 25-year-old ex-model Sarah Ruba and multi-instrumentalist/producer Adam Pavao, have been working on their debut album, set to be out on the infamous !K7 Records. Known for their cult DJ-Kicks series, the label will also be home to ‘The Ballad’, the first single from the LP which was recorded four different times, attempted twice in Berlin, New York and finally got it in their hometown of Canada. Dazed now present the psychedelic music video for the single as directed by celebrated Australian fashion photographer and filmmaker Will Davidson.

Of the video, Davidson says: "Somewhere between the start and the end of every journey there's a stretch of freeway we've all travelled. Beyond the headlights darkness dissolves the world and there's only the lovers, the '65 Fairlane and the blacktop - this is their Ballad. The motion hypnotises, the mind wanders, and our spirit billows out the passenger window, projects through the windshield bewitching visions across the drifting fog. While the road stretches out unbending, our velocity takes an uncertain direction and for a little while, we leave ourselves behind."


...are your secret talents?
Sarah bakes. Cakes, pies, you name it, she bakes it. And Adam can build a pretty badass fire! When we're in Canada we go camping in our Airstream trailer a lot and when it gets cold at night a big hot fire is maaaajorly important. He's like a caveman. Who also eats s'mores.

...influences your music?
Each other, building stuff, bike rides, being out in nature, being in NYC.

... your favourite sound?
There's this bird (that we named Carlos) who lives on the edge of the forest near our Airstream who makes this crazy sub-bass sound like a chainsaw starting up. It's amazing that that sound can come from an animal.

...your worst fashion secret?
We tend to wear outrageous Hammer pants when we're just bumming around the studio. Adam's have a tribal pattern and a tag that says "Cra-zee Wear", for example. Can't beat the comfort!

 ...your favourite website?
There are so many great tumblrs or whatever that you can waste your life looking at. For example: or for a design resource there's, or Jerry Seinfeld's new website is fun once a day And Sarah wants to give a special shout-out to Because it's adorable.

... good for breakfast?
Homemade carrot ginger muffins. Scrambled eggs!

 ...your worst vice?
Sarah is a vintage shopaholic. It's a problem. We've completely run out of closet space. We have five closets. There are two of us.

 ...the best thing about where you're from?
The proximity to nature and vast space and remoteness is pretty cool. the top of your shit list?
The damn mangy squirrel who keeps stealing the bird seed from the birds! And um, that crackhead who broke into our car in NYC and only took 5 bucks CANADIAN. Ugh.

...are you listening to now?
We're tweaking mixes for the album so all our listening time is devoted to our own music.

...are you most looking forward to next?
Playing in the UK again this June.

How would you describe your work, if you had to?
To us the point of making music is to create something new every second all the time and to always get to the next level. Which is the point of our lives too.

Director: Will Davidson
Production: Laura Holmes Production Ltd
Cut and graded by SWELL NY
Cinematographer: Sam Goldie
First AC: David Feeney Mosief
Second AC: Rory Mulhere
Gaffer: Sam Crawford
Best boy: Sam Ash
Director's assistants: Mateusz Lilpop, James Harvey
Lighting assistants: Peter Ash, Rocky Luten, John Burke
DIT: Luke Lanter
Wardrobe: Clare Byrne
Motion graphics: Sam Williams
Hair Stylist: Shin Arima at Frank Reps
Make-up artist: Chiho Omae at Frank Reps
Make-up assistant: Rie Tsukul
With very special thanks to:- Daniel Lea, Luke Lanter and Capture This, Leslie Robin, Matt Delong at ROSCO, KM Studios, Brian Blair at Frank Reps, Gina Liberto at MAP, Tarik Malak, Timothy Douglas and Rena Musumeci at SWELL NY, Nadja Rangel at Monotone Inc

‘The Ballad’ is out June 27th on !K7 with remixes from Koreless, Jimmy Edgar and more