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Siberia: Kirin J Callinan

Formerly of Mercy Arms, the new Siberia signing from Midnight Juggernauts releases his exciting new EP out on limited vinyl

Aussie rocker Kirin J Callinan is the first artist from music label Siberia to release outside of their own musical venture Midnight Juggernauts known for their enthusiastic pop-tinged electro songs. Previously a member of Sydney-based, Mercy Arms, also with electronic leanings which disbanded in 2009, Callinan released a limited edition cassette at the end of last year. The cassette, put out by Siberia, was a massive sucess and sold out in just a few weeks in Australia. Callinan now returns with new material available on vinyl available online here.


…your secret talent?
My secret talent? Well, that's already been revealed...
…your worst vice?
Once upon a time it was video games. Then alcohol. Now I’m just emotionally restarted. Pretty standard really...
… your favourite sound?

Honestly, the chime of my own guitar when I hit it so so sweet and the air is just right.
…your worst fashion secret?

I'm sorry I don't understand the question.
...your favourite website?

I don’t really, uh, surf the net. I mean, I should. It’s a fascinating place, the internet. I guess I can never remember what I want when faced with the google. My partner usually shows me good things from the internet. And I guess I check my emails every now and again. Also, I regularly go to
... the best thing about where you're from?

Where I’m from, I don’t know. But where I live the air is fresh and people love me. That is the best thing. the top of your wish list?

Bliss all day, for all.
...are you listening to now?

Recently in my life I've done a lot of listening to The Reels "Beautiful" on cassette in my car. The player is fucked & the sound is magic, like when you let yourself slide and your head goes under the bathwater and time stands still and life is simple. Also, lately, I listen to mp3’s of GhostGirl, Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders "HURTSVILLE" on a burnt cd (to re-learn my parts), 95.3 Classic Rock FM, Virna Lindt on vinyl and, via youtube, Superstar and Star.
...your advice for a budding producer?
Know what you want, and do that.
How would you describe your work, if you had to?
Ha! Well, I have been asked this in the past and I do struggle with it. I made that little declaration just before, you can use that if you want. Alternatively, I wrote this (demonstration of intellectualization) for an arts grant once.
“Artistic vision is indefatigable. With a strong understanding of time, place and form, in field of experimental music & popular song, and with equal passion for the subtleties & extremities of all that is helplessly Australian combined with truth & inspiration; I explore an artistic form representative of the most rudimentary and fundamental aspects of western culture. I am able to do this fluently, honesty and with integrity, largely due to my laconic attitude, which over arches my entire performance & sound to communicate what on paper seems vainglorious."

Photos by Mclean Stephenson