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Endless House Foundation Exclusive Mix

The founder of the mysterious record label from 1973 speaks to us about the archive of music they have collected over the years

Focused around an ambiguous tale, based on the legend of a now defunct label, Endless House Foundation is 'purportedly' a project that strives to retrace and celebrate the history of a short-lived Eastern European superclub / 'electronic commune' that existed in the space of six weeks in 1973. Having released a compilation back in January, their sounds generally flit between lo-fi electronica and emotive glitchiness. We speak to the mysterious founder, Jiri Kantor about their elusive underground project and present his incredible mix for us which is downloadable here.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?

Well, I suppose founding Europe’s most spectacularly dysfunctional nightclub is a good place to start. Not unrelated to that glorious folly, I was born with the blessing and the curse of what the Italians would call ‘fantasy’.

...your worst vice?

Probably my well-documented Frankenstein complex. Otherwise, perhaps the seductive stage-sets of Federico Fellini (objects from which litter my apartment in Trieste).

…the story behind your name?

Well, if “Kantor” isn’t Esperanto for “Singer” then it absolutely should be. As for Endless House, the name was probably the only thing that the critics liked about it…

... your favourite sound?
The sky-seeking scream of Walter Schnaffs’ MemoryMoog wired into about 5 Roland Space Echoes. Other than that, the sound of my Alessi Cupola espresso maker coming to the boil…

...your worst fashion secret?
I don’t have one. But my best fashion secret is to always rub your lounge shoes with Ligurian Olive Oil before you go out. They will last three times longer, and that’s a Jiri Kantor promise.

...your favourite website?
I rather like this online compendium of failed Russian space projects. More than a hint of nostalgia if I’m honest.

... good for breakfast?

Tangerine Dream’s Stratosfear is normally a good way to start the day. the top of your shit list?
The fact that everybody seems to be talking, and nobody seems to be listening.

...are you listening to now?

Well the gentlemen of Dramatic Records keep sending me things, and very occasionally something will catch my eyes and ears… The people whom I would like to invite to a modern day version of the Endless House would be: Hype Williams - there is a seductive, dark magic here no? Harold Grosskopf – his arpeggios bring him close to some of the Endless House heroes I think… Nicolas Jaar – Oozes charisma. A cult of personality. Very Endless House. Alice Coltrane – Where has this been all my life? My new yoga soundtrack.

How would you describe your work?

I heard a critic in the 1970s describe me as a ‘pornographer of electronic music’. I would be a fool to disagree. Endless House is intended to be a secret treasure-chest of such wares... Please please buy the album from and support the Endless House Foundation, for we wish to bring it back to life sometime soon...

Orson Welles - FutureShock
Can - Oh Yeah
Jean-Paul Massiera - Space Woman
Terre Thaemlitz - DC DOA
Ash Ra Temple - Rheinita
Interview with James Hunt
Hype Williams - Get Choong and Look At The Sky
Prince Rama - Lightning Fossil
Rasmus Folk - Coupe'