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We get the lowdown from Björk’s diamond in the rough, the Danish four-piece weaving a magical web of dark pop with an electro tinge

There’s many ways to make it as a band, but being discovered by Björk has to be in the top contending ways in which to do it. This is exactly what happened for Atoi - the four piece band hailing from Copenhagen. The group started in 2005 and since being unearthed by one of the biggest artists on the planet, with Björk featuring their cover of her track ‘Army of Me’ on the singers Tsunami Benefit album, their Scandinavian dream pop sounds are ready to go global with the release of their second album ‘Waves of Past Relations’. The new album, featuring the groups signature dark spin on uplifting European electronic tinged pop, is released through Fake Diamond Records, the Copenhagen based indie label founded in 2006 (known as home to Denmark’s most promising up and coming talent).


...your special talents?
Atoi is four people with four different talents and together we a making dark and catchy pop songs.
…the story behind your name?

The name doesn't really mean anything, Atoi is a word that popped up when Ida (singer) was improvising some gibberish vocals..
more like a sound descending from our ancient human vocabulary.
...your worst vice?

 In Atoi it's maybe that we're talking to much about our music in the studio,  instead of just making music . It affects our productivity a bit, but sometimes its necessary  
... your favourite sound?

Sound of wood and bass guitar in a great harmony.
...your worst fashion secret?

From old days it is colorful sweaters with tasteless patterns and golden and Golden robber masks.
...your favourite website? - Nice to talk to somebody sometime.
... the best thing about where you're from?

Copenhagen has a lot of culture such as theater, music and art in very high quality. It's pretty inspiring. And we have a very dark and cold winter where you can work a lot (That's good and bad in same time)
...your dream collaborator?

Björk could be really exciting to work with again, but we have a dream of making a song together with David Lynch. Still dreaming… maybe the dream comes true. the top of your wish list?

Money, success, fun and making more music.
...are you listening to now?

Timber Timbre, Chimes & Bells and Giana Factory.  But not at the same time
How would you describe your work?

Electronic epic pop music and it sounds like an old broken disco deep inside a dark forest and with a lot of layers and textures!

Atoi - Yearning from Fake Diamond Records on Vimeo.

Directed by Fenar Ahmad
Produced By Maria Schou Andersen

Yearning" is from the album "Waves of Past Relations" by Atoi - out on Fake Diamond Records 2011.