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On Air

Swatch and Dazed's cultural platform team up with Mixcloud to bring you monthly mixtapes from Paris, Moscow, Rome, Munich, Dubai, Shanghai and Santiago

The series celebrates the unique local music scenes as an insight into various cities around the world, led by acclaimed local DJs and producers supporting their own creative sonic movements. Exploring the creative cultural revolutions from Paris, Moscow, Rome, Munich, Dubai, Shanghai and Santiago, Satellite Voices launches this exclusive series of mixtapes, in partnership with Mixcloud.

'On Air' launched exclusively with seven unique and diverse artists representing their cities. From Paris there’s the Ed Banger protegee Clara 3000, psyche pop duo Denver from Santiago, local Shanghai hip hop veteran DJ Mr Tsang, Dubai bass king DJ Solo, Taras 3000 from the Idle Conversation party crew in Moscow, Roman underground rock pioneers Zu and from Munich, the inimitable head of Gomma Records, Munk.

Satellite Voices and Mixcloud are also inviting worldwide music lovers to contribute  their own mixes, with the freshest city sounds to be featured on Satellite Voices and commissioned for new On Air mixes. Dazed Digital speaks to Mixcloud’s Rich Morgan about the global music platform and if anyone will ever top Dazed’s music editor Tim Noakes’s monumental “Electronica 2009 - 2010” mix that has had 22,562 plays on Mixcloud thus far.

Dazed Digital: What city’s music are you constantly surprised at and inspired by?
Richard Morgan:
London, first and foremost. It's where we are based and Mixcloud's current home. We're always inspired by the other major European cities too, such as Paris's Sound Pellegrino and BPitch Control repping Berlin. We're intrigued by the cities and sounds represented in the Satellite Voices: On Air series, we'll be staying tuned to see how it develops and are looking forward to seeing some established and newer Cloudcasters getting involved.

DD: Are you guys excited about exploring these mixes from these 7 cities?
Richard Morgan:
Indeed. Particularly, Shanghai, Dubai and Santiago - places a lot farther away from our current geographical home.

DD: How about the crowd sourcing approach to this global mix series?
Richard Morgan:
Mixcloud is really aiming to help democratise the music discovery and distribution landscape. Mixcloud has become a second home to a wealth of talented music enthusiasts and become a useful crowd sourcing tool for great and diverse radio shows, DJs mixes or podcasts. Along with Satellite Voices: On Air, we're also lining up another interesting crowd sourcing campaign with Channel 4, stay tuned for more on that shortly.

DD: So has anyone topped Tim Noakes’s gargantuan, chart topping mix yet?
Richard Morgan:
Only DJ Premier, with his tribute to Guru. Perhaps we could set up a DJ battle, Preemo Vs Tim Noakes, just to decide once and for all?

Check out the Satellite Voices: On Air mixes HERE and how to get involved HERE