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Robag Wruhme Returns

Known for his wild outfits and mysterious aliases, the legendary Wighnomy Brother releases his new solo album on DJ Koze's Pampa label

A long-time favourite of Cologne's Kompakt crew, the mysterious Robag Wruhme aka Gabor Schablitzki aka formerly one half of the Wighnomy Brothers has been making experimental electronic music for almost a decade on cult labels like Circus Company, Contexterrior as well as his own Freude Am Tanzen. He returns this 2011 under his solo moniker with his lush new album as well as a double mix CD. Released on DJ Koze's Pampa imprint, the new LP, 'Thora Vukk' features his delicately layered tracks built up around interluding 'bridges' and the richly textured sounds typically associated with him.

Dazed Digital: Was it a difficult process to compile your new album on Pampa?
Robag Wruhme:
No, not really, the album was produced over the last six months and this is pretty fast for an album. I had a good phase, if you consider that at first it wasn't really planned to do an album. The whole album started out as a request to do an EP on Pampa and when I first showed Stefan (DJ Koze) what I had so far, he said I should go on with it and do a whole album.

DD: How has your sound changed since you first started making music?
Robag Wruhme: The work process I use is still the same as it was a couple years ago, what changed are the favorite sounds and modules that I use in my productions. I think my sound hasn't really changed over the years, apart from perhaps sounding a bit cleaner than it used to 1999-2003, but I don't always like this fact.

DD: You've also been part of the Kompakt roster for a while, do you feel as an important part of their sound?
Robag Wruhme: You have to know, we already released elsewhere as Wighnomy Brothers, so it's not such a new thing to release as Robag Wruhme on another label. Then there are the tracks I did as Wighnomy Brothers for the "Speicher" records and the remixes I did for Kompakt. The bottom line is I feel attendant to Kompakt, like I feel attendant to Freude am Tanzen / Musik Krause, even though I left the label, and I also feel attendant to Pampa. I always feel at home where my music finds a home, if it would be any different it wouldn't work!

DD: Thora Vukk consists of 'bridges'? between the tracks, do you think they would have worked separately without them? What was the intended purpose of these shorter pieces?
Robag Wruhme: The bridges were orginally a 17-minute long music piece that I produced for Robert Seidel's video and light animation. The music, along with the video and light animation was presented two years ago at the Phyletic museum in Jena.  A 17-minute long track was obviously too long to be used in the album so Stefan Kozalla had the idea to cut the track and to weave the pieces as links between the album tracks. Actually In the end, the bridges aren't only from that 17-minute long piece, I also created new ones.

DD: What were your favourite samples and found sounds that you put in the album?
Robag Wruhme: I like to work with self-recorded samples, but I also use other libraries. My favorite sample of the album is the recording of me switching on a fluorescent tube that I have muted down quite a lot. You can hear it on "Bömmsen Böff".

DD: What's the story behind the name of the mix compilation?
Robag Wruhme: With "Wuppdeckmischmampflow" I wanted to follow up the "Metawuffmischfelge ", which I did in 2009 for the Wighnomy project, so it had to be the same kind of made-up fantasy name, like all my Robag-names or Wighnomy-names are.

DD: I saw a picture of you in a lovely patterned red vest x rubber gloves ensemble, how do you piece your outfits together?
Robag Wruhme: I don't like photo shoots, but they are necessary and if they have to happen then I want them to be funny and extreme. For example, there was a Wighnomy picture where we were sitting in toilet booths. Only now for the album on Pampa I had to get some really professional pictures done and I was terribly afraid, but Katja Ruge is a pro so it was really fun in the end.

DD: What are you most looking forward to next?
Robag Wruhme: To an espresso following this interview!