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Camden Crawl & Ray-Ban: Spectrals

Leeds-based Louis Jones is this weekend playing a double-decker gig at the north London festival in collaboration with Ray-Ban. Carry on reading for a chance to win a pair of tickets!

As we begin to enter the preliminary stages of the ‘festival season’, the annual deluge of line-up announcements, news and rumours begin to cascade into inboxes and Twitter feeds up and down the land. In times like these you have to produce something extra special to pique the interest of those that have too much choice. And, together with Ray-Ban, Camden Crawl has done just that. The sunglasses supremo will be parking their own makeshift stage (a double-decker bus) in the country’s capital and we’ll be right there with them this weekend.

Amongst those boarding will be Spectrals – the brainchild of Leeds-based Louis Jones whose lo-fi pop has its roots clearly planted in 50s/60s R’n’B, with the moniker a nod toward a certain seminal wig wearing producer. Impressively, Spectrals - who is still to release a debut album - is already well on the music industry’s radar, as well as garnering the support slot for Best Coast. So the festival in general, and the Ray-Ban area in particular, is well worth a visit this weekend; other bands playing the Ray-Ban stage include Two Wounded Birds, Bird's Den, The Agitator, Dog is Dead, Cate le Bon, The Chapman Family, Lulu & The Lampshades and Let's Buy Happiness...

Dazed Digital: Describe your sound...
Louis Jones:
I’d say it's pop but there are a few different strands that you could point to: mainly from the 50s and 60s. I’m really into that way of song writing - doo-wop, soul and Motown. Spectrals is me and then there are five of us on the road.

DD: How did you come to release your first material on American labels?
Louis Jones:
I recorded some stuff and put it on MySpace, just so that friends could hear it. I’d already added Captured Tracks as a friend and within an hour of putting these songs up, I got a one-line message from them asking if I wanted to record a seven-inch. That’s how it all started. It’s mad to think that now.

DD: When’s the album out?
Louis Jones:
That’s coming out around the middle of summer. It was finished about a month ago, recorded at Hall Place in Leeds. Richard Formby (Spectrum, Mogwai, Wild Beasts) produced it with vintage equipment. I’m a big fan of analogue and it brings more character to it. It’s going to be called ‘Bad Penny’.

DD: Looking forward to playing Camden Crawl with Ray-Ban?
Louis Jones:
Yeah we’re playing three shows: two with a full band and then a stripped down one for Ray-Ban with just me.

DD: How does it feel to be asked by Ray-Ban to do the show?
Louis Jones:
It’s nice to be asked to do it. It’s weird to think that we’re on a big company like that’s radar. It’s going to be on a bus too, which should be fun.

DD: What does the year ahead hold?
Louis Jones:
We’ll be bringing out the album and just playing as many good gigs as possible. Take it over to America and Australia too. We supported Best Coast before Christmas and then we’ll carry on with them for the next leg of their European tour. I’ve already written most of the second album and I’d quite like to record that later this year and have it out next…

To win a pair of weekend tickets to the Camden Crawl, including access to the Ray-Ban bus, email your details to

Camden Crawl is this weekend in several Camden gig locations - more info HERE. Come and find the Ray-Ban double-decker bus for live gigs with Spectrals and loads of other hot bands