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Miracle Video Premiere: The Visitor

Upcoming New York/London electronic duo premiere the debut video to their new single on House Anxiety

The debut music video from electronic duo Miracle provides the ideal visual backdrop to their new track 'The Visitor' on cult label House Anxiety (Big Pink, Zoo Kid etc), manifesting itself as a sumptuously atmospheric video with an unexpected twist. The stylish take on synthy electro pop from the two art-rock icons Steve Moore (Zombi, Titan) and Daniel O’ Sullivan of Guapo, Ulver, and Sunn O))) shows a departure from their past sounds. Dazed here premieres the new video for the track as shot by Blake Claridge, the director behind videos for James Blake, Alex Clare et al.


...So special about you, then?
Steve Moore: My wife says I'm a good actor but she's just being nice.
Daniel O'Sullivan: Born under a star. A death-star.

 ...your worst vice?
Steve Moore: Tie between cigarettes and Facebook.
Daniel O'Sullivan: Murdering prostitutes... Oh and those little Portuguese custard cakes.

 ... your favourite sound?
Steve Moore: The ambient sounds of the USS Enterprise-D.
Daniel O'Sullivan: Foxes mating.
…the story behind your name?

DOS: It's the friction between the transcendent and the inevitable. It's also a reference to the children, the only real miracle.
...your worst fashion secret?

Steve Moore: When I was 13 I had a mullet/spike haircut.  I thought it was awesome but my mom said it looked so stringy and terrible I had to either get it permed or cut it.  So I got a perm - just the mullet. I was so embarrassed it made me sick to my stomach.  It looked so insane.  I cut it off almost immediately.
Daniel O'Sullivan: Best and worst are the same thing, my red snakeskin shoes.

 ...your favourite website?

Steve Moore: Mutant Sounds.
Daniel O'Sullivan: Dangerous Minds.

... good for breakfast?
Steve Moore: Full English.
Daniel O'Sullivan: Coffee. the top of your shit list?

Steve Moore:Pop music.  Maybe just music.
Daniel O'Sullivan: Me, myself and I.

...are you listening to now?

Steve Moore: Jonas Reinhardt, Hatchback, Brain Machine.
Daniel O'Sullivan: West Side Story and Ash Ra.
How would you describe your work?

Daniel O'Sullivan: Paradoxical and orderly.