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Made To Play: Solo

London-based, Italian-born Stefano Ritteri evolves his ethnic beat-influenced jacking house on Lapsus Music

Born in Rome, Italy, the man who goes by the name 'Solo' - aka Stefano Ritteri - first made waves with his tribal flavoured house tracks like 'Congaloid' on Claude Von Stroke's legendary Dirtybird label and releasing on imprints like Southern Fried and Exploited. Now remixing label signings on Jesse Rose's Made to Play, Roundtable Knights to fellow Italians, Crookers, the London-based Ritteri known for his eclectic styles infusing ethnic-influenced beats with jacking house presents his new single on Italian label Lapsus.

Dazed Digital: You've been making music for a while now, how do you feel your sound has changed or progressed over time?
Making music is like keeping a diary of what happens around me.. Every song I've made is related to a specific feeling, a show, a place or an altered state I was experiencing in that moment. When I'm making a tune, the process of choosing sounds, samples and rhythm comes very naturally, I never plan what I'm gonna do next. Every morning, going to studio, I wonder what will come out from my speakers later.. Of course with more experience comes the ability of placing things together quicker and more effectively, but I love the randomness of composing.

DD: What were the inspirations that went into your most recent tracks?
My travels. I love being on the road, I love parties, people, airports and hotel rooms. Is part of the reasons why I am in this game. But on the other hand, when back home, I close myself in the studio, and I love to get separated from everything , and my mind wanders in between experiences and ideas and samples I've collected around.. is a very intimate moment, personal and solitary. A perfect flip side to the crazy party life.

DD: How did you get into working with Supernova and their Lapsus music label? Anyone you want to work with but haven't yet?
I've always loved Supernova tracks, straight up no-frills house music. They are from Italy like me , and we got in touch some time ago to share some promos. When I was trying my new songs on the road, they asked me if I had a track they could include in a big Lapsus music album that is coming out in may, and we ended up signing " I want you" ( After that, I played them my new Ep, called " The Preacher" , and again they loved it, so they've remixed one of the songs and Mr Ho remixed the other. is gonna be out in june, again on Lapsus music.. Italian House Mafia.! And, in my bag of dreams collaborations, there will always be Pharrell Williams and mr Snoop dog!

DD: What do you try to achieve with your DJ sets?
I try to build up a positive tension, I love to see in people faces what they are experiencing .Good records take you away from where you are .. I don't rely on one genre only, I play whatever my mind, my experience and (often) my drinks suggest me..

DD: Who are you listening to at the moment?
I bring with me lots of classics, to remind myself about how music should sound and what made me choose this as my path, like, The Meters, Fela Kuti, NERD, Jay Z, Mr. J Brown...

DD: What are you most excited about next?
I have many releases coming up in the next few weeks, result of the last threew months of studio work, and I am also collecting ideas for a possible album, but I dont wanna talk about this too much untill the work is done.. what really excites me now is setting up my own label... I'm on a long tour in Asia at the moment, and this gives me the time to workout all the details: graphics, a&r, contracts and such.. I'm already playing the songs that are gonna be released.. and reactions make me confident to embrace this new adventure.. more details coming very soon......!