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In Flagranti Recommends

Sasa Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor take time out of their busy 'Worse For Wear' touring schedule to give us the lowdown on their fave bands, films and websites

On their latest offering, In Flagranti force you to take an inebriated walk down disco's smutty back-alleys via electric avenue, leaving you asking 'what actually just happened' which by our measure indicates a pretty awesome outing (if our last Christmas party is anything to go by, at least). Much like recalling the specifics of a drunken night out, everything is blurred in 'Worse For Wear' and an attempt to pin it down finitely is needless. The two gentlemen responsible, Sasa Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor, have kindly taken the time to fire over some recommendations about ...

Can you recommend...

... three new artists?
Smith & Mudd
... three old artists?
Joe Zawinul
Airto Moreira

... a record label?
Rough Trade
... a website?

... a film?
Pulp with Michael Caine (1972)

... a book?
Hans Schmid - RockStars

 ... something on Youtube?

... a place to eat/shop?

Gourmet San on Bethnal Green Road, London - (Excellent Chinese food)

... something to do on a day off?

Go swimming

... an alcoholic beverage?

Single Malt Whisky

... a song everyone should hear?

Holger Czukay - Persian Love

In Flagranti 'Worse For Wear' is out this April on their own label Codek