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LA-based producer Paul Salva tweaks his love of grime and techno for an entirely new sound altogether

With all this banging, retro futuristic electronic music that’s blazing out of the left coast right now, it’s still rare for an entire album to fully deliver that vibe throughout. Fortunately, Los Angeles’s Paul Salva has just done that with “Complex Housing”, an intricate collection of funky analogue electronics, tweaked with a love of grime and techno.

Salva might be a new name for some in the UK but for his local West Coast he’s been grinding it out as a label boss for Frite Nite (check the insane future boogie of B. Bravo’s “Computer Love”) and acclaimed DJ in San Francisco before moving to LA earlier this year. Salva’s rude boy beats will be coming to the UK later this year, in the meantime check out the album and remixes from B. Bravo, machinedrum and Lazer Sword’s Lando Kal, out now on Friends of Friends records.

WHAT’S… special about you, then?

I'm a combination artist and suit. I spend a lot of my time helping to put on other artists, throwing parties, brokering deals. I pride myself on being able to see both sides. I love being a total nerd and getting lost in the studio for days and not speaking to anybody, but I also love being an entrepreneur and having 10 hour long business pow-wows when I'm inspired on a new project.

 ...your new album “Complex Housing” all about?

I think it's just a representation of many of the styles that I patronise. Like many other producers right now, I think cats are taking advantage that genre lines have been broken. For years I had to make a different alias every time I wanted to do a new style of music. So for “Complex Housing”, it's really just the core of primitive house or techno music (808, 909 and funky analogue synths) turned on its head and freaked out in a ton of different styles.

 …the last film you saw?

Last night I watched “Machete”. It was hilarious.

 ...the best piece of advice you've heard?

Slow down. I need that sometimes.

 ...better, dusk or dawn?

The magic hours? I prefer dusk I suppose, looking forward to the night.

 …your favourite late night LA food spot and why?

I'm still getting acclimated, but my dude Leeor from Friends of Friends records has taken me to a dope taco truck a few times in Eagle Rock. I have a bad feeling I'm going to gain 20 pounds eating late night truck food in the next six months.

 ...your favourite LA dive bar?

Already found a few sick spots on the east side. The Red Lion Tavern is pretty rad, it's like this weird five room outdoor complex where they serve German beers in Silver Lake. Also found this hidden wine cellar in Glendale inside of a strip mall that is super decked out.

 ...the world coming to?

The singularity is near. Peep the book of same title by Ray Kurzweil.

 ...the name of your hero?

 I have many, but in light of my recent move to LA, shout outs to Rick Rubin. special about your hero?

Shortly after Def Jam he came out to LA and did his style and changed the game again signing the most influential bands of the 90s. A true visionary. And of course a bad man on the boards. Best of both worlds, what I'm aspiring to be.

 ...your worst fashion secret?  

I'm about to hit the flea markets and never turn back. I have to spend all my dollar on music gear, time to build the most epic studio.

...your favourite website?

Dazed Digital. Ha. I also really think Soundcloud has done a great service to independent electronic musicians and labels. the top of your shit list?

Luckily, I'm drama free at the moment. Keeping all the music business in the family.

How would you describe your work?

Future-retro. I always turn backwards for inspiration. Whether people think they're doing that or not, they are. So I embrace it. I've loved the sound of analogue drum machines and synthesizers and that probably will always stand in my productions. Currently I'm in a love triangle with funk, house and grime.