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Isa GT at Big Chill

DJ and producer Isabel Gonzalez Toro brings her Columbian beats to London's Big Chill bar for the LastFM party this weekend

Colombian-born Isabel Gonzalez Toro - better known as Isa GT - has tried her hands at many a creative profession; DJ, MC producer, director and actress are just a few of the titles that decorate her resume. As a DJ, she has played alongside Radioclit, Hannah Holland, Peter Pixzel, Cormac and Fake Blood, just to name a few. In addition to making waves on the club-scene with her diverse sound of Colombian-inspired rhythms fused with electro beats, Isa GT is part of the collective Girlcore – a group of girls who host parties all over various cities in Europe. 'Pela’o', the opening track from her 'Pa’Chikirri' EP released last year was remixed over and over, most popularly by the Italian duo Crookers. Catch her this week at the Big Chill All Nighter presented by Last.FM.

Dazed Digital: What are you listening to most now / what are you influenced by?
Isa GT: Music by my peers Uproot Andy, Lido Pimienta, Toy Selectah, Geko Jones and a lots of Folklore and Champeta music I got in Colombia last week (I was there for Carnaval de Barranquilla)

DD: Tell us about your debut EP “Pa’Chikirri” that came out last year, how have you progressed since then?
Isa GT: Pa Chikirri was the first release of a lot of material I've been writting for ages, my next release will be another EP coming out in April and will include collaborations with Edu K, Bot from Crookers and Lido Pimienta. My progress I see it in terms of making music, I've been writting lyrics for quite a while but wasn't really confident with the making beats, creating actual music but now is coming along quite naturally, I'm also in the transition of bringing my songs to a more live experience, taking them out of the club and maybe more accessible to more people, I am actually writting form Austin, Texas, where I'm premiering my live set.

DD: Who have you been compared to and how much of your Colombian heritage do you fuse into the music you make?
Isa GT: The Fader magazine once called me the Colombian equivalent of New York's ESG, quite flattering! I guess it is because the fact I've collaborated with different artists that are crossgenre like Dutch Rhythm Combo or Toy Selectah.

My colombian heritage you can see straight away on my lyrics and the words/slang I use. In terms of music I always try to bring stuff that I love from Colombian rhythms to my compositions, a sound, an instrument. Always trying to incorporate Colombia into my music much more than just taking something I like from a classic colombian song and sample it like many people seems to be doing these days.

DD: What’s your favourite city to play?
Isa GT: I would have to say I've had very good response in the cities from the U.S. I've played in the past (N.Y., L.A. San Francisco). I think due to the massive latin community in the states people is more used to spanish speaking songs and latin rhythms so they really get what my show is about.

DD: What can we expect from your set at the Big Chill Bar All Nighter tomorrow? Any exclusives?
Isa GT: Lots of fun songs and as always no boundaries in terms of genres and rhythms. I'm looking forward to make people dance!

Text by Zeyna Sy

Isa GT plays alongside Boogaloo Crew, Anxst AKA P45, plus a special guest at the Big Chill All Nighter presented by Last.FM; Dray Walk, London this Saturday March 26th, 8pm - 1am