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SebastiAn Video Premiere

Back with a new album, Ed Banger's enigmatic SebastiAn premieres the video here for his new single 'Embody' as directed by So Me

It might not be in the same league of anticipation that surrounded 'Chinese Democracy' or new Dr Dre material but SebastiAn's debut album has been a long time comin' and his fanbase is ravenous. SebastiAn (surname Akchoté) first caught worldwide attention with his breakneck banger 'Ross Ross Ross' which firmly established his heavyweight potential alongside his Ed Banger peers. Since, SebastiAn has been responsible for two soundtracks, a remix album, production for label-mate Uffie and a couple of new original tracks comprised of engine noises and sliced & diced death metal respectively.

Entitled 'Total', there's an intriguing disparity between the track backing his highly explicit montage of a promo for the album and the more radio-friendly 'Embody', the video for which Dazed Digital exclusively premieres below. Answering our questions in his typically elusive manner, we're left coveting the album even more. Damn you, SebastiAn.

Dazed Digital: In the new video for Embody, your song appears to manifest itself as an imaginary, energetic dancing child. If your 'sound' as a whole could be represented by one tangible 'thing', what would it be?
SebastiAn: The answer is exactly in the video.

DD: Are there any benefits to being the more 'mysterious' member of the Ed Banger crew?
SebastiAn: "..."

DD: You provided the score for Romain Gavras' 'Notre Jour Viendra' and you also cite classical pieces relatively often too. Where does your interest in classical compositions come from and how does that translate when producing electronic-based material?
SebsatiAn: I make no real differences between all the styles… it is "just" music.

DD: Who would play you in 'Ed Banger: The Movie'?
SebastiAn: I could be the the movie director...

DD: What's the message behind the artwork for your album? Is it some kind of narcissistic message or were you just trying to be a bit provocative?
SebastiAn: There is really no provocation. It's just a serious joke.