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Listen to a previously unheard recording of the late Mark Fisher

Kode9 has shared a conversation with the late theorist from 1998

Kode9 has shared a previously unheard recording of a conversation between himself and the late theorist Mark Fisher. The recording, released six years after the K-punk writer’s untimely death, is a conversation from 1998 during which the two were members of the Cybernetics Culture Research Unit (CCRU) at the University of Warwick.

According to a note shared on Kode9’s Instagram, the conversation “was the first of a series of recorded conversations whose aim was to explicate/clarify/transmit the embryonic mythos”.

“Due to the mnemonic fade and/or nonrecovery of other minidiscs, it is unclear whether subsequent recordings existed,” he added.

Kode9 also shared his own thoughts about the late theorist and friend: “Despite the tragic circumstances of his death, and the earnestness of his reception, my overriding memory was how funny he was.”

A founder member of the CCRU, Fisher was a lecturer in the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths in London at the time of his death. His works included Capitalist Realism, Ghosts of My Life, and The Weird and the Eerie, as well as extensive writings from his personal blog K-Punk and lectures Fisher had given. His theories on capitalism and internet culture have since gone on to inspire a new generation of leftist theory – and launch countless meme pages dedicated to the academic’s work. 

You can listen to the archived conversation here.