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Mad cow! Illegal ravers unleash herd of bovines from West Sussex farm

Big beef ensued

A night of bovine madness took place at the weekend as thousands attended an illegal rave that led to dozens of cows escaping from their field.

Approximately 2,000 revellers attended the rave in the West Sussex town of Steyning on Saturday (June 26), which saw more than 50 people arrested.

According to reports, a herd of 40 cattle, including pregnant cows and calves, also disappeared from a nearby field after a large section of fence was cut down to “make the dancing area bigger”.

More than 50 people have been arrested and taken into custody on suspicion of offences including drink and drug-driving, possession of drugs, and theft. Music equipment, including sound systems and speakers, was also seized by officers.

Detective Superintendent Juliet Parker said: “Due to the mindless actions of a large number of people, the majority of whom have travelled from out of county, the community of Steyning has experienced significant disruption and I’d like to personally thank the public for their patience, understanding and co-operation as we sought to bring this event to a close.”

“With a situation of this size, our utmost priority must be the safety of the public as well as our officers and emergency services colleagues at the scene,” he added.

“We will not tolerate behaviour like this within Sussex, as can be seen by the high volume of arrests made over the course of the event. We will continue to robustly investigate this illegal activity, seeking to further arrest and prosecute wherever possible.”