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Adobe inspiration generator
via Instagram (@bei.bei.wei)

Looking for a creative spark after lockdown? Try this inspiration generator

Adobe’s new tool provides some oblique strategies to help designers beat the blank and kickstart their next project

When populations were asked to stay at home last year, there was a lot of talk about the upsides of being locked down: having a moment to slow down and reflect, getting more in tune with your surroundings, and finally being able to get on with that thing you’ve always been meaning to do.

In reality, of course, many people found out they were not as productive as they imagined they would be. Unfamiliar situations like an international lockdown can lead to an initial burst of creative inspiration, but for all the great projects that came out of this time, many others found that the lack of new experiences made it harder to find that initial spark of creativity.

With this in mind, Adobe has created a new tool to help designers beat the blank. Called the Inspiration Generator and available in English, German, and French, the tool creates unique creative briefs for the user to respond to. The idea is that anyone with the skills to make something, but lacking a sense of direction or purpose, can create for the sake of it. Some of the oblique strategies we were presented with: “adventurous surfer movie poster” and “chic florist magazine cover”.

Adobe is also working with talent from across its creative community to open up about the ways they get over a creative block. Designers like @bei.bei.wei and @rontimehin will be giving Photoshop masterclasses via Instagram and TikTok, and inviting their followers to use the Adobe Inspiration Generator and share their work (you can follow along at the #BeatTheBlank and #AdobeInsider hashtags). You can have a go at the Adobe Inspiration Generator yourself here.