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Gemini season
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It’s Gemini season, which means lockdown is about to get a lot worse

If that’s even possible

Hello and welcome to Gemini season. Hated by the masses, loved by me, a Gemini. It’s the season in which we crave exploration and movement, and have a tendency to say the wrong thing. Thank God, then, that there’s no government mandated stay-at-home orders in place.

Gemini’s, whose season runs from May 20 to June 20, are known by the Zodiac symbol of twins, because of our multiple personalities, penchant for gossip, and tendency to be two-faced. As an air sign, Gemini’s also tend to be affectionate, curious, and eager to try new things.

With everyone already itching for lockdown to be over, Gemini season could pose a challenge for those of us struggling with the prospect of spending even more months inside. As well as igniting curiosity and a desire to experience the world (remember that?), Gemini season may have a detrimental impact on our communication skills, something that could negatively affect our already-strained relationships with our always-at-home housemates.

“As we venture through the sign of Gemini, we crave versatility and movement,” astrologist Grace McGrade tells Dazed. “We become ambidextrous, eager to do two things at once. Gemini is associated with our youth, our teenage years, where we are chatty, eager to try everything, and not so keen to commit to anything. As teenagers, we are androgynous, not fully former or evolved, driven by exploration.”

“Like rebellious teenagers,” continues McGrade, “the Gemini energy can drive us to say things we don’t truly mean. It might be time to draft a message before we send it, to take time to do things twice, and think about how our words can act as a double edged sword.”

For those of you who have moved back in with your parents, Gemini season may actually turn you back into the moody teenager you only just grew out of (no offence, totally referencing myself here). For those of us locked down with housemates, there’s likely to be more misinterpreted house texts, arguments about whose turn it is to buy the milk, and generally a lot of misery. Cool!

“Gemini energy activates the mind,” says McGrade, “and leaves us hungry for change and movement. Over the duration of lockdown, we are prone to becoming restless and anxious for new scenery. It is important to utilise this period wisely, by allowing breathing room between conversations and pausing before making brash decisions. It is an ample time to learn a new skill and try to expand the mind. We feel motivated to begin a lot of projects, and less motivated to finish them.”

McGrade concludes: “Gemini is always highlighting duality and duplicity. This can manifest as an awareness of where people are doing one thing and saying another, and with Venus retrograde, our threshold for bullshit is thin. It is important that we walk the talk, and assess before rushing to antiquated stories.”

As the UK marks two months of lockdown tomorrow (May 23), the uncertainty of the future is looming heavy over everyone. The arrival of Gemini season may throw a spanner in the works, but also offers a chance to use your newfound energy to start a new project, spend some time in the sun, or choose one parent (LOL) to meet at a safe distance in the park. The possibilities are endless – kind of – but maybe remember to think twice before texting the house group chat.