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courtesy of Instagram/@junobirch

Read Gucci and Irregular Labs’ latest report on gender fluidity in Gen Z

Including data and personal responses from people aged 15-24

Gucci have been openly fighting for gender equality since 2013, with the foundation of their campaign Chime For Change (co-founded with Beyoncé and actress Salma Hayek). With Irregular Labs, this campaign publishes a biannual report surveying 14-25 year olds on gender issues.

The latest ‘Irregular Report’ focuses on the theme of fluidity, specifically: ‘Gen Z’s fluidity and its influence on economics, education, creative culture, politics, STEM and, yes, gender’. It combines data – taken from 2,013 Genz Zs aged 15 to 24 – with opinion pieces, images, and interviews to get an idea of young people’s attitudes towards gender and fluidity.

When it comes to documenting shifting attitudes towards gender, the statistics are probably the most telling: ‘Nearly 25% expect their gender identification to change throughout their life’, the report reads, and of those, ‘45% expect their gender identity to change 2-3 times’.

There’s also the fact that less than one-third of Gen Zs (those surveyed, at least) believe ‘female’ is defined by an individual’s anatomic makeup.

Other sections of the report include the Gen Zs – who were selected from across the world – finishing sentences such as ‘Feminism is…’ and commenting on what it means to be queer in, for example, Brazil.

Anyway, there’s a lot to unpack. You can read the full report from Irregular Labs.