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This company wants to pay people $50 an hour to smoke weed

Yes, it’s a real job

So this is someone out there’s dream job – a company in Toronto called AHLOT is on the look out for five ‘cannabis connoisseurs’ who would sample marijuana for $50 an hour.

On top of that, they’ll get $200 in expenses each month, working around 16 hours. To be up for the part-time job, you’ll need to be a serious weed expert, sorting out what marijuana strains the company’s sample packs will include on the company’s ‘Cannabis Curation Committee’. You’ll spend time writing social media posts and host videos and company events. 

October 17 is the official date for the legalisation of marijuana in Canada, so companies like AHLOT are preparing in advance. The date was pushed back from July 2018 due to issues surrounding policy.

More still has to be ironed out too with legalisation – edibles (cookies, cakes, gummies) will still be unregulated. Access will also be heavily limited as despensaries won’t immediately have physical shopfronts, and retail spaces will have to be approved by the government in some provinces. It’s also not totally clear where people will be able to light up in public spaces or even in their own homes. There’s also the case of the many people incarcerated for cannabis-related offences.

The deadline for applications is October 17, so move quicker than you ever have stoners.