This short Random Acts film shows how we feel the pressure of gender norms

Filmmaker Araba Aduah made this cute short to raise a middle finger to social expectations (and the colour pink)

So often, sexuality and gender are confined to boxes. Despite the fact we exist on a spectrum, individuals are forced to define themselves one way, even if they identify in another. In her new short film, PINK, writer and director Araba Aduah challenges these notions. Drawing on the strong association between colour and gender that is pushed on us all from birth onwards, Aduah aims to challenge the instilled notion that pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

PINK follows the journey of a young child as they are chased by a bunch of brightly coloured pink balloons, gradually building up to a climax where they triumphantly pop them. The message is clear: we all need to embrace and find comfort in who we are, no matter what gender. In this sense, PINK is a vulnerable and touching reminder that there should be no rules when it comes to the expression of our genders. It’s also, simply, very cute. Watch it for the first time online above – some of you may have caught it on Channel 4 last night!