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Anna Delvey
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Anna Delvey apparently scammed Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland

The summer of scamming continues

Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin) scammed just about everybody in New York as she laid out her master plan as a socialite and club owner. Now, it’s emerged that she may have scammed Billy McFarland, the founder of the disastrous Fyre Festival. In other words, Delvey scammed last year’s ultimate scammer.

According to Page Six, she requested to stay at the Soho loft headquarters of McFarland’s credit-card company. Although the stay was meant to be a mere few days, Delvey was there for four months. McFarland, the entrepreneur currently in jail on fraud charges, is said to have hinted for the “socialite” to leave, but to no avail.

A source told Page Six that McFarland’s company, called Magnises, “wound up moving into a townhouse. That’s the only way they got (Delvey) out!”

Russia-born Delvey, now known as a notorious scam artist, was arrested in October 2017, following her incredible, criminal rise in the world of New York city’s elite. During her time of deception, she built a remarkable repertoire. She had acquired friends and business opportunities that supplied her with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods and cash.

Since then, her story has gone viral – the gripping tale of how she tricked her way to the top. Netflix even bought the rights to the New York Magazine story that put Delvey on everyone’s radar. Delvey is currently on Rikers Island, which she seems unfazed by, and has pleaded not guilty.

McFarland, meanwhile, has pleaded guilty to fraud. As the organiser of the disastrous, meme-able Fyre Festival, which descended into chaos last summer, he now faces an 8-10 year sentence.

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