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Grenfell Tower survivor facing jail after cannabis factory found in ruins

He had around five months supply of cannabis oil

A survivor of the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 71 people, has ended up in court after police looking through his flat after the disaster chanced upon a store of cannabis cuttings, butane gas canisters and an oven.

Eamon Zada, 35, reportedly a ‘core’ Grenfell activist, was subsequently arrested and on Wednesday pleaded guilty to one count of being concerned in the supply of cannabis on or before July 4 last year, reports The Telegraph.

Prosecutor Maxine Channer-McDaniel told the court: “On July 4 2017 firefighters entered Grenfell Tower, a number of items were found at a flat believed to be used in the production of cannabis – lights that related to the growing of cannabis and various other items.

“A number of butane gas canisters meant a more thorough search was conducted on July 6 during which a number of items were seized from the property."

She continued: “The amount of cannabis is described as cannabis trim – of that there was 14 kilos, as well as 700 grams of oil.

“When he was interviewed, Mr Zada said he was a regular user of cannabis since the age of 12 and that normal cannabis flower had limited effect. He said he had not purchased the trim because it was of no commercial value and had used it to extract the oil.”

Zada told police that he used five to six grams of oil daily, meaning 700 grams would be around five months supply.

His sentencing was adjourned until March 6, when he will return to court.