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Milo Yiannopoulos is now selling vitamins to make money

His fall from grace has never been as embarrassing as this

A lot of people use their online platforms to hawk awful products with no known health benefits, like the Kardashian's infamous ‘fit tea’. But who would have thought that Milo Yiannopolos, who landed a $255,000 dollar book deal just two years ago, would one day be found promoting milk thistle supplements alongside his co-stars on conspiracy theorist media platform Infowars.

The alt-right controversialist has been on a downward spiral since a video surfaced of him making comments which seemed to support sex between “younger boys” and older men. His gig at Infowars, the Alex Jones-led platform on which the founder has said he believes in “brain-eating lesbians” and is currently on “thin ice” with YouTube for proposing that survivors of the Parkland school shooting were “crisis actors”, was taken up after he was forced to leave Breitbart thanks to the controversy, where he had worked since 2015.

Last week Yiannopolos also dropped his $100 million lawsuit against former publishers Simon & Schuster for cancelling his book deal after the controversy. He had a “fundamental disagreement” with his lawyer and had been intending on self-representing. The publisher had bit back scathingly over Christmas, releasing ruthless editors notes which revealed the terrible state a draft of his manuscript was in. His book, Dangerous, which was ultimately self-published, only sold 152 copies in the UK.

The actual pills he's selling on Infowars are called “Icuren” and are apparently meant to cleanse your kidneys and liver.

“The best endorsement I can give you is that I’m very careful about what I put inside myself,” he said, dangerously close to making a joke about sex, before swallowing the supplement and saying “let’s do it”.

“The liver and the kidneys are the ones who bear the brunt of all of your smoking, drinking and carousing, terrible things that you people do to your bodies while you listen to Infowars.”

Clearly, he has as little faith in his viewers as we do.