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via York County Sheriff's Department

Elderly couple caught with 27kg of weed say it was Christmas presents

Ok Barbara...

Christmas has gone wrong for an old couple in the US after they were pulled over by the police who got a strong whiff of weed and subsequently found 27 kilograms of the drug in their vehicle.

Patrick Jiron, 80, and Barbara Jiron, 83, were travelling to visit their family from their home in northern California when the arrest happened in the state of Nebraska – where marijuana isn't legal.

They were booked on charges including possession with the intent to distribute.

“They said the marijuana was for Christmas presents,” said Lieutenant Vrbka, the arresting officer – sadly giving us very little insight into who the presents were for.

Was the weed for Uncle Jimmy with the gammy leg or Cousin Sarah who likes to get woozy on edibles?

Either way, the street value of the weed was $330,000 according to authorities, which means that the couple either has a massive family or that Grandpa Bob is a bit of a fiend.

A sheriff's department employee told The Independent that Mr Jiron was released from custody Wednesday – Ms Jiron was not arrested.